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Maximizing Google Plus for SEO

Free seo help. After much discussion on Google plus and whether it is worth it or not to take more and more people and jump on board. There are certain advantages to having a SEO Google+ profile. To take advantage, you must ensure that it is properly configured. Let us look at the benefits and then go to the setting.

Some of the benefits that come with a Google plus profile are:

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Google+ allows you to access all of your profiles in social networks and blogs to connect in an orderly and organized. You can also link to a website that you contribute regularly. All these are links followed and you need to choose the anchor text (in his autobiography).
Tip: The more people share their posts, 1 posts, or a link to your profile, the more valuable these links. The lesson here is that you have to network and build relationships that will help to spread your content.

Google also followed the links in your message over and over again the value of these bonds increases, the message is released, linked, 1 ed

Tip: If your message is very good and goes viral or together with a top authority, the value of links grows.

With many social media sites has little or no ability to change the content as soon as it was released. Google+ allows you to go back and make changes at positions as you like. Do not limit. This is great if a message to spread and gained strength and want to update the information. You can easily go and the message so that the flow of information and to your satisfaction.

Google+ content is indexed pretty fast. Some say almost instantly. This is a great way to get messages in the Google index quickly, if it's a hot topic.
You can get in contact with influential people in your area (see below).
Author / Editor dial (Rich Snippets) creates additional stress for inclusion in the SERPs (search results pages). This is expanding. Google knows that he has made great efforts made to create a high quality content, so you want to make sure you really take ownership of this content. The label is the author of a demanding individual content on a page. The editor Mark the location for a business is the ownership of a website.

NOTE: We need a Google+ profile implement authorship markup. And you want to realize a premium of fatherhood. Believe me, you do!

SEO new update Google penguin 2.0 released- What is new

The advantages are:

1 This makes your list stronger because it includes a photo, name and links to more content for you. This is a great way to get your advert in the SERPs and get more attention. There are also indications that the authorship markup to give a boost in the rankings. While some say it does not help directly, others have reported a rise in the rankings after application.

Two. Your markup author, also helps to build trust - you do not trust a pretty smiling face next to a message that has no picture? Are you like a real person in the virtual world of often anonymous games.

Three. It also allows you to get your name (you do not want someone trying to steal your name!) And in the content (considered to be the rightful owner of the content and not to worry scraper pressure).

Fourth. Improve your clicks to your profile picture (which is what appears in the SERPs) play. Most people find that different images are different click rates. The pictures seem to perform better close-ups where the eyes look directly at the inclusion in the SERPs.
Nevermind how to properly set your profile to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

To set up a personal profile, you can go to:

Company profiles can be configured here:

You can use the same name for both, and in the upper right corner when you see the right mouse button on the image, you will see the side of the companies in the list. All you have to do is click on the image to see / use the side of the company click.
Here is a screen capture from my account as indicated. The red circle button, which brings me to my personal profile and yellow circle, which brings me to the side of the company.
Once you are logged in, click on Profile on the left side click on the section you need to perform will be held.


Make sure keyword phrases (never stuff keywords with strategic) use in the fields and Lemma Introduction to the History section. Google indexes it, so it is an ideal place to make writing persuasive information that contains keywords.
In the links section, you can add a link to your website and blog. If you have a critical site, you can also link to specific pages.

When writing your description is that you also have the use of keywords and links (do not forget to use keywords in the anchor text). The key you need to use the page that you are linked to the shortcut. Again, I must remind you, Google will not tolerate practices robots so that they do not have to turn your profile into a link farm.

Personal Pages:

In personal profiles, it is important to get keywords for Employment and Skills section, as in the lemma and introduction. Think about your career section meta description tag (on a normal site), if you make sure that you want the main keyword in it.
In the employment section a description of the services and not only the name of the company.
Tip: Once you complete and publish your profile, please note that the first sentence of your Google+ post is part of the title tag. As you probably know, the title tag affects rankings and influences clicks.

Rich Snippets: Author Vs Tag Editor

Do not let yourselves be fooled = tag editor (I) by the Google 'rel. It's always a good idea to use, but you get the picture in your profile SERP as it does in the day fatherhood! I should clarify. What I mean is that if you test the Tag Editor in the Rich Snippets Testing Tool, it seems that your logo will appear next to the data. This is not the case. The label will develop in the future, so it is worth using is.

At that time, the author tag to display an image, you may want to consider using it.
To keep a few things in mind: You can not have both the author and the publisher of the tags in the same page and if you tag editor, that's just the home page, no internal pages. You can contact the author tag on the inside pages of content for use.

Networking on Google+

There are many ways to connect with influential people in your industry. Networking with influential people is often one of the principal axes of people with Google+. It's pretty easy to do because there are many ways to do this, but make sure you do not abuse this privilege. If it is known as a spammer, it is very difficult to grow your presence.

Here are some of the ways you can reach out and connect to:

Depending on your personal situation, you will be notified when:

Reference in a heading.

Share a post directly to them.

Parts of a position and in a circle Subscribe.

Comments on a post I created.

Comment on a post, comments on
In the circle.

Add a new person to their circles.

Label or tag the photo from your photos.

Send a photo of your profile for you.

Comment on a picture to post comments.

Comment on an image that they are labeled or identified.

Start a conversation with them.

Send invitation or update an event.

Any activity in the events that created.

The above measures are a great way to connect, and let people know that you are there. It bears repeating, do not abuse the system and spam people. Only through the following options to go when you really connect and create a valuable conversation.
While Google+ numbers are not as big as Facebook, and increasingly most things, it's the early adopters who do well in the long run. Contact company and establish your position.
If you want to stay active on Google+ without having to spend too much time? Take a few minutes a day and do the following:

1 Post large messages or comments.

Comment on employment and engage people in conversation.

Start a meeting.

Increase your circles.

Tip: When you add a button to +1 your pages, so that visitors just +1 your site. 1 Do not forget your own blogs and important locations.

Google+ probably here to stay and it is likely more important for your seo ranking and traffic.
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