Google Adsense Now Allow To Change Adsense Code To Increase Adsense Earnings

Google AdSense now allows publishers to change the Adsense code to the test design and much more!

Google Adsense is the best ways to make money online. One of the greatest desires / needs of Google AdSense publisher is to be able, attractive design works with your AdSense sitesAlthough Google does not automatically for the people. Adsense just has the default AD design, but now you can change the Google AdSense code to support the design of the site response.

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Google has announced that it updated the change in the AdSense policy announcement to make an exception for the test design and other things. Google now allows publishers to change the Adsense code if it is "not artificially inflate the performance of the ads or damage."

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This is especially useful in such situations, Google explains:

Reaction time design: allow publishers to create a site that can see the device fits you to create, is a laptop, smartphone or tablet, in order to optimize the user experience.

The A / B test: Perform a test by seeing multiple versions of a page, by comparing the behavior of users, which side is the most effective.

Setting dynamic custom channels: performance monitoring of user segments to optimize areas of your website or any other behavior to display and ease of use.

Day Advertising Minification: Turn the pages of your site will load faster, thereby reducing the amount of data transferred.

Publishers are very happy with this update and they know it will prove best ways to make money online, and we are pleased to take this.

Source: Discussion on WebmasterWorld and Google+.
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