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PC gaming news: PC Game Review Metro Last Light.

Metro Last Light is the sequel to the cult classic Metro 2033, which in turn is based on a cult (at least in the West) Russian novel. Those who played the first game, I did not say the game fixes a number of problems, which was the first game in terms of gameplay and mechanics, keeps the story "grip" and the atmosphere.

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If this is the case, I'm quite happy not to play the first game, because it has a lot of complaints. But we will cover some of the finer points of the game.

The atmosphere and mood of the game, even if you do not run anywhere near the charts absurd demands full bore, are on site. Immersion is fairly complete and the claustrophobic nature of the Russian subway tunnels are represented in decomposition. Some graphical effects are pretty spectacular, and I would say it could even win Battlefield 3 as a force graphic guide. Water and the blood of his gas mask on the details of your computer (like a lighter, a compass and a charger) will go for the bells and whistles.

The shoot is quite satisfactory despite the occasional graphics lag, also rejected by all. Although weapons and upgrades are limited, given enough use of information. There is enough variety to accommodate different game types and three arms (besides knives and grenades) are sufficient to meet all your needs. Sound-wise, it offers also very good, which is good, because there are times when the best idea of ​​what is to come. But with English and Russian voice-over is unfortunately going bad subtitles.

Well, for colic. First, there is no record of bloody function checkpoints and chapters. No line of sight cursor really 2013? This can be very annoying and ridiculous error on a PC. Another problem with this game is that it is quite short and very linear. For most, it is not in the hand with several companions hand and hold you from exploring. This game is meant to be a survival horror and is in no way. There are some jumps, if you are not careful, but that's all. There are some additional advantages, but it is limited by the tunnel and out of the limited supply of cleaning agent for their gas masks.

And the story is predictable vaunted and very practical. Since everything we hear of groups at war, why are you drunk a Communist? The character should be known to the Order a hardened soldier, but not dry behind the ears naif. This game has two entire sections where you have all your stuff and make with what you can find to fight. This tactic of something old is stuck in the 90s. Have game designer, please click on the hell.

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Oh, and how the whole word unconditional fan-wood is the "only" way to play the DLC on the same day ($5), unless you choose to buy the printed version of the limited edition. So the best way to play the game extra cost.

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In general, as BioShock Infinite, a mixed bag flattered and probably exaggerated. Because BI can not see myself playing again. But now we have sorted the engine, maybe I could have done to play longer and less linear meters? Metro: Last Light M (Mature) is rated by the ESRB for blood, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol. This game can also be found on: PS3 and Xbox 360.
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