3D Printing Costs Is Expensive But Becoming Affordable

How much does a 3D printer cost? Even more expensive but becoming affordable

With all the attention that has been the subject of arms printed in 3D lately always, it is useful to consider how much it really cost 3D printing technology.

According to Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner, an IT research and advisory U.S., "3D printing is a technology for mass production to accelerate adoption." And goes on to say that it is "within the reach of most companies."

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Affordable for businesses, does not mean everyone. However, although the 3D printing technology is currently the price range of most people, this will change soon, as the technology more widespread. And now it is more affordable and accessible.

In an article in Tech Crunch in March, Matt Burns, said that "the ongoing costs of 3D printing enthusiasts to the rich or successful small businesses from." According to the Gartner report, the enterprise-class 3D printers cost less than in 2000. $ 2,016 For commercial printers, Burns said, "Read: 3D printer latent Brooklyn hipsters."

But while 3D printers still out of reach for most people, this is changing. Writes Jonathan Fincher of Gizmag that, until now, 3D printers to restrict the purchase of "specialty shops and online stores" and could not simply "Waltz in your office supply store and pick up locally to a package file covers and clips." But soon You will be able to. The office supply chain Staples recently announced that it now sells 3D printers, especially the 3D Printers 3D Systems cube (see below), on its website and is available in selected stores later this month. Cube 3D "mounted to the right of the box, takes relatively little space on the desktop and is easy to install on Mac and Windows. Objects up to 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (14 x 14 x 14 cm) in 16 different colors "and currently costs $ 1,299.99.

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More cheap options at the end of the 3D printer 3D printer gamut are Afinia Series H, which costs on Amazon and $ 1,599.00.
Both Staples and Amazon also sell trailer.

It is clear that even printers, the $ 1,299.99 or $ 1.599, much less than $ 2000 cost, outside of the price range of most people and it is likely to remain so for a long time. This means, however, that it is here to stay and will continue to become cheaper and more accessible. And all this does not mean that anyone can run or buy a 3D printer and start printing weapons, you'd better start thinking about how this technology can influence our society, sooner rather than later. As the author and scientist Isaac Asimov famous lamented "science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom."

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