PC gaming news Top 5 PC games supported on Android

PC gaming news: Top 5 PC games supported on Android.

Buy games that you missed on your PC and enjoy games on your Android.
Many game developers bring old PC games on Android. Several classics of the past decade are brought to play on smartphones and Android tablets. We selected the top five that. Already in the store Google Play We assume that you have a high-end smartphone with a good enough graphics power and at least 1 GB of RAM in it. Apart from that, it is recommended to download these games via WiFi and make sure your device has at least 2 GB download and install this free space big games.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy now play on android download
PC gaming news

The role of the game series stroker - Final Fantasy has been entertaining players since 1987! The players are on the Warriors of Light and help restore its former glory crystals. To do this, the warriors fighting evil, important decisions and continue to improve their character classes. The Android platform has four distinct sections, the first three episodes and a spin-off was called original dimensions.
The only thing that could slow down the price of games - 950, the first two costs Rs 520 and the remaining cost over Rs But only those who have been following the series and it's really hard core game will be able to enjoy the game. Try the game costs 520 rupees Classic Final Fantasy game Google Store.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto now play on android download
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No one gets tired of Grand Theft Auto, as two of his most important contributions play - Vice City and GTA III on Android. GTA Vice City is an anniversary edition focused and optimized for certain Android smartphones. These games are known for their open world game where the players spend hours exploring the city and a little known play.
Tweaked graphic design custom controls and some new features, makes Grand Theft Auto Ghetto go and enjoy your time in the city of freedom fictional Liberty City. Two GTA games cost about Rs 270 or more each, then throw hours of riding, the conduct and management style complements the rogue tasks. Therefore, we recommend GTA Vice City for about Rs 278 in the store of Google Play.

Max Payne

Max Payne game now play on android download

Do you want to receive motion bullet time on the screen of the mobile phone again? Max Payne is here to help you. This experience and a lot more action A fugitive undercover cop gets in trouble with the wrong people and is on the run to clear his name.
The game offers more actions and cinematic sequences, slow motion gun Thurs belong. There is also an interesting story of this shooting game in first person, and has many layers dramatic and terrible. The game costs Rs 170 and is available for download from the Google Store. Read

Dead Space

Dead Space game now play on android download
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You can not miss this game sci-fi horror series in the room. No guns, no bombs, no awesome weapons. Basically, you're just a boat with Plasma Saw and Core Extractor stuck available to fight Necromorphs jump randomly. It's a hack and slash, because it is a process to kill Necromorphs. Music and amazing graphics to keep you on the spot with a few sessions gripping and chilling.

The first five games

The game Dead Space for Android is a bit expensive at Rs 390 and those looking to buy, look for EA sales often occur throughout the year. Get Dead Space for Rs 390 in the store of Google Play.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

android Need for Speed: Most Wanted game now play on android download

After different Need for Speed ​​games compete with the Burnout series, there is finally a game that grabs the pleasure of burning rubber for fun and competition. Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is not really a port, but it's basically the same game on the PC and other platforms. The difference lies in the optimization of graphics and information for each platform. NFS Most Wanted is to spread to different challenges and competitions over different areas of the sky, just to gain experience points and Moolah to improve the car.

The game includes various models of real licensed cars and new look full of realistic damage. We would say that Rs 270 would pay a good price for the game on Google Play Store.

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