BlackBerry Q10: 5 things you to know before launch on 1 May

BlackBerry Q10 phone: 5 things you must know before launch on 1 May

Q10 blackberry, the wait is over for BlackBerry fans holding for the role he has implemented many BlackBerry devices outside: a physical keyboard. With the BlackBerry Z10 on the market for almost three months, customers have had the opportunity to try to touch on a fully BB10 device, but for those who experience physical keyboard is closed, your last hope will fulfill next week.

The first BlackBerry Q10 will available in May in Canada with Rogers, Bell and Telus debut for $ 199 with a three-year contract. Looks like the UK, again to get the phone a few days ago (the Q10 goes on sale in the UK on 26 April), but that does not prevent Canadian loyal fans eager to collect Q10 BlackBerry soon.

Q10 blackberry, the wait is over for BlackBerry fans holding for the role he has implemented many BlackBerry devices

Now that several media have the opportunity to get your hands on the new smartphone, we toured all the things you need to know about the BlackBerry Q10 before it hits the shelves in a week:

It can hold up to abuse - especially

I'm not saying that you should try to q10 phone, but was designed to withstand a series of abuses. The back of the phone is a carbon-glass composite that. Certain flexibility that has Unfortunately, some commentators mention on CNET and TechCrunch a significant change on the back, especially around the USB port, probably because of the flexible material. Border coating around the phone, but seems to be pretty sturdy, too, and should act as a decent bumper for the phone.

Yes, it really hass the keyboard you've been waiting for

Q10 died at the door, if your keyboard is not up to the expectations. And, thankfully, most critics have come to a consensus that fact. Peter Nowak went to the majority of its review of CBC on the device, which he said he had not thought to write to do with a touch-screen phone. It is the largest of a BlackBerry keyboard, however, and the buttons are similar to the Blackberry Curve and Bold. Instead of a curved keyboard, however, the lines are separated by just money "boxes". To the lack of flexibility that you compensate with a virtual keyboard, the Q10 can take some shortcuts, like you, to initiate "Send Bob" or "SMS Susan" these actions. Since Q10 still has a touch screen, you will still be used to some editing features (which for those of us who use the older models of BlackBerry, it is preferable to having to maneuver a cursor to a wheel is carried out or scroll button ).

Lead you into the space of the screen to the keyboard

It's pretty obvious, but you can have a full screen on a phone with a physical keyboard, so the q10 phone had to give up to get some real estate. The AMOLED 3.1 inch display has a resolution of 720x720 instead of pixels, and about the same pixel density as the iPhone 5 Ars Technica says that you will be a 44 percent found less information on the screen, compared to the Z10, there is a little pain for those who are used to full touch screen, especially when the games that traditionally required a landscape setting . But you waited on the keyboard, right? So, what is a lack of Angry Birds is most important to you?

BB10 a little more advanced than the Z10

The q10 blackberry ships with BlackBerry OS 10.1, the improvements to the BB10 running on the Z10, as the range (HDR) High dynamic photography, pin-mail using BlackBerry stroke, and some demos and tutorials to help you includes a strong influence on the new interface gestures, reports Ars Technica. But 10.1 will be updated shortly after the start, probably get pushed to the q10 blackberry in late May, so you can only OS superiority on the Z10 for a few weeks at most.

Do not miss the keyboard fully Z10

While those who have been waiting for the q10 phone, which are widely available, the keyboard, read the keyboard on the Z10 to give a fair chance. BGR Jonathan Geller is used as the best virtual keyboard, even going so far as to call "borderline high." Method type film takes some time getting used to, but it may come to prefer the physical keyboard after a while.

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