Blogger 10 Steps for Better SEO

SEO optimization - 10 Steps for Better SEO

Well, maybe not 10 steps. More like 10 simple things that will make your top rankings on Google. Who would not want that?

EC. Without further ado, here are 10 Steps for Better SEO you can do to enhance your seo for blogs to get good ranking and top position in searches.

1 Make sure that your message is at least 300 words. Anything less than that you get a "ding" on Google for not writing enough. Really.

Two. Do not insert an image at the top of your message. Code for the image interferes with the ability of Google to crawl your first paragraph. Instead, use the "featured image" in the upper right corner or you can insert your picture a few paragraphs in your message function for better seo optimization.
SEO optimization - 10 Steps for Better SEO

Three. Make sure your title is to be at least 40 characters. (Specification of Google, not by me).

Fourth. Before charging your title. This means that you want to put your keywords with respect to the as possible ahead of their title. Therefore, if my word is "Jacksonville Jaguars" My title "Jacksonville Jaguars Jones-Drew signs" no should say "have signed Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars."

Fifth Change your screw properly. A worm is a few words that describe a post or page. Snails are usually a URL version of the post title (which will automatically WordPress / Drupal / etc created), but a bullet can do anything you want. Slugs are designed to be used with permalinks as they describe what the content of the URL is here to help and can be proved Steps for Better SEO.

Edit it to remove items and load before your keywords. Make sure there is a hyphen between each word and its snail not exceed 77 characters.

Sixth Choosing good keywords. When we say "keywords", we mean "keywords", 2-5 words Narrow your topic for people who are Google and Bing search. Although I probably would not go to a very high rank in Google for Jaguars "" Jaguares "training camp" is much closer than I have a better chance to qualify.

Seventh. Create shortcuts. If appropriate, a link to other posts that you've written. Google reads a message in the same way a person would be, and to get pins in his other works.

8 writing for readers, not Google. Despite all their stupid rules and algorithms that Google really wanted to write for your readers, not for search engines. In fact, Google will penalize you if the message "optimize" for search engines. So you must ensure that you are working on your keywords here and there, do not let the quality or the speed of your letter.

9 Make sure that the first paragraph is safe 2-3 sets of keywords inside. Really. Is important for seo optimization.

10th Check your work with a tool like Yoast, but do not let the rule of life Yoast. Google is smarter than Yoast Yoast Google can and things you can not do, how to realize that "Lima., OH" and "Lima, Ohio" the same Google. Do you also know what the two points are So ... Google to go short. if you know you have the right not about what care Yoast said for Steps for Better SEO.
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