Groupon to launch exclusive New ASUS Tablet

Groupon to launch exclusive New ASUS  Tablet

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) teamed up with ASUS to launch Notepad new ASUS.

April 6, the Notebook PC  comes with a leather Wilson by Groupon offfer exclusively on ASUS TAB products. To celebrate this exclusive agreement, Groupon offers a range of products ASUS on thursday, Friday and Saturday. These include products for tablets, laptops and accessories.

In the press release of Groupon, said Steve Chang, President of ASUS Computer International,:
Groupon to launch exclusive New ASUS  Tablet

Groupon is a well known and respected in the world and we are proud to be your partner. Today consumers want compelling mobile products and innovative. We are pleased pleased with Groupon while focusing. Combine our energies with customers industry leading tablets and mobile solutions The relationship is an excellent opportunity for ASUS to expand our presence in the U.S. market and the potential is unlimited for both companies.
Within the site Sporting Groupon has a varied inventory - jewelery and sunglasses for mattresses and toys.

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