How To Boost WiFi Signal At Home For Faster Internet

Tired of uneven WIFI reception? Boost Wi-Fi at home

Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the Internet seems magical. It is a wonderful sign that the air makes the phone faster, and pull the cable Portable - wonderful. If you are affected by the slow or poor reception of WI-FI, you can be a drag to stay in touch. Try these tips to improve your home or office Wi-Fi.

"How to improve wireless signal".

First step: take into account the material

Improve wifi reception. If the router is same for a few years, it may be time to upgrade. A router capable of large amounts of data is transmitted at a time or slowly, it will hurt the entire network.
Anyone with an old generation of wireless router (referred to as Wireless-A,-B or G) should upgrade to a Wireless N router, especially if you have multiple systems that have to be connected at the same time, streaming HD video of the computer or television, or playing online games. Wireless-N supports a wider range, ie the network can process more data at once. It will not clog as quickly through several devices online at the same time or on a large file.
How To Boost WiFi Signal At Home For Faster Internet

Wireless-N can also be a better range. As you get further away from the router, the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Think of a garden hose: water pressure will start at the source, but you get the lower the pressure. A router that supports higher bandwidth, it's like having a larger pipe - go signal before it goes out. The devices that can be connected to far from an old router because they can access your network when you upgrade your computer.

Then N Wireless Router is backward compatible, requires the best performance improvement, the device supports the Wireless-N connection to. This may require you to upgrade the wireless card on a laptop or desktop.

Second step: eliminate interference

If you have neighbors with Wi-Fi networks around enough, it can interfere with the stability of the network. There are a number of channels and routers can work if the same channel or "too close" to your neighbors, who will use degrade the signal. Wi-Fi is a place Stumbler network application is a graph of available channels. Select a channel with most of the surroundings as possible. It is good to take a few signals in your area, provided they are lower than yours. Do not select a channel with a strong signal of support - you choose one that keeps its distance from other signals.

If you have a lot of electronic devices in or around your home, you can use a router "Dual Band". Single-band routers operate in the 2.4 GHz, a relatively cluttered interface signal by many cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors and many common electronic products. A dual-band router operates on both 2.4GHz wireless standard and less crowded 5 GHz radio, a signal that is less prone to interference. If you can upgrade to a dual-band router, move your router as far as possible into conflict devices.

Third step: Location, Location, Location

Wi-Fi transmission can be blocked or weakened by obstacles between the router and the device. Not to hide in a closet - to set the router at the center, not too thick walls to block the signal. Antennas vertically highest point, if possible. Wi-Fi signals travel better bottom and sides to the router in the attic or on a high shelf signal can place give a little boost. One caveat: if it drops signal or requires frequent resets that your router is easily accessible.

Step Four: Reverse piggy-supporters.

If someone without your knowledge, in any case, things slow down with your network. Wi-Fi networks are easier to hack than you think, even if you set up a WPA security key (ie password) in the network. If you do not have a password for the network, for the love of Star Wars, go do it now. Sign in to your router enable WPA encryption and a password. You need to upgrade all the computers and devices on the network to specify the password to login.
Unfortunately, there are free programs that everyone, the password for your network, leeches can hack unscrupulous access to Wi-Fi network.

If you think you might be a victim of piracy network, see the Network Monitoring Software offered by free Follow the video tutorial to see how the program identifies access all computers and devices to your wireless network. Use to block the tips tutorial network or contact a professional to determine whether a program or a firewall router firmware can help strong material in the creation of trusted networks.

Fifth step: the priority of their programs.

It is very common to reduce the network speed when. Due to heavy traffic If the Wi-Fi experience a jam at rush hour, when all is in the house online (downloadable videos, streaming, online gaming, etc.) of your "quality of service" router (QoS) may be able to direct to help transport.

With QoS rules that continue to set the router priority to programs and features that you need (such as surfing the Internet), with which it may be, the bandwidth will be playing online hogging unnecessary (such as kids games if they do should homework). Or you can choose to give priority to some devices (such as computers) to give than others (such as Xbox).
Unfortunately, not all routers support QoS, you need to consult the manual and make sure that you buy one that, if you do not buy new. For detailed instructions, ensure that the output section Lifehacker a fast internet connection when you need it.

Sixth step: the range of your router or a repeater parameters DIY

For less than $ 30, you can have a stronger than your desktop or portable receiver, so that the system has always had problems with the connection, because the distance between the router, obstacles, or poor responsiveness line miraculously. The USB Rosewill RNX N180UBE external antenna wireless adapter (Amazon, $ 23) connected to your computer or the USB port of the laptop. The antenna increases improve wifi reception from your computer.

If you are short on funds, you can make your inner nerd with DIY antenna made with aluminum foil to explore a folder, a little glue and scissors. Just search YouTube for "Windsurfer Antenna" for a video tutorial. Some users swear they saw an increase of 82 percent strength wireless, but your mileage may vary. But free for the low price, there is nothing to lose.
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