Best Top SEO plugins for WordPress WP sites

The best SEO plugins for WordPress WP websites

Seo wordpress, If you run one of the 70 million websites built with WordPress, it is likely that SEO, overwhelmed by the choices and concerns. Today there is no shortage of plugins created to help with SEO and social exchange, but it is difficult to find gems in a sea of ​​madness widget. Read on for tips on what are really helpful to increase your search engine ranking efforts!

Seo wordpress Basics

Prior to the installation of a large number of plugins, you should answer some seo wordpress on your WordPress website. These are essential for the use of Google sites and are a good place to start your strategy.
The best top SEO plugins for WordPress WP websites

1) A map of the structure of your website

Everything you need to create a simple website to follow chart tool is a great tool mind map. Mind42 is excellent, and it's totally free. The tool helps you create a website that compartmentalize sections guide navigation and allows you to see an overview of all the rivers.

SEO new update Google penguin 2.0 released- What is new

2) Create a permanent URL structure

First, define the preferred format plugin wordpress permalinks settings, you have several options to choose from, but none is completely SEO friendly. To resolve this issue, download <word> delete sections / category URL of the WP No Category programs. This makes clean, accurate and keyword rich.

3) Identify the problems that can and can not be tracked

There will most likely areas of your website that you do not want to allow access to search engines. To manage this process, you create a robots.txt file in the top level directory of your website. For instructions on how to add a to your website, visit (robotstxt.html The "how-to guide robots.txt" Once created, you can specify records that the search engines what to ignore them and prevent others spying on private content. 'S also a good solution to hide the duplicate content. Ensure that users direct access the pages through the URL.

4) Create a sitemap

Most of the tools listed below will help you to quickly create a site map. Once you are finished, do not forget to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools as an invitation to explore your content.

The Best top WordPress SEO Plugins

1) SEO ultimate for wp

This puppy is an inexhaustible source of metadata that controls access to the descriptions and keywords, Google Webmaster verification and integration with Google Analytics. If you have many pages with different titles, ultimate all this information will help you easily.

2) Local Search SEO Contact Page

Perfect for those who begin their search for best wordpress seo, local search allows you to add all the business information on the contact page of your website, and also includes a built-in Google map, which relates to his Google+ account local.

3) WordPress by Yoast

Yoast helps determine what your score is SEO, and together you can control the areas that need improvement. Yoast will let you know if you do not see your words in the title and H1 tags, and looks at its content and metadata as well. This tool is very popular WordPress seo plugin wp is used most, and for good reason. Help create XML sitemaps, can pull together as a model and a description, and really you can be aware of all the best wordpress seo, you need to do. If you only have a SEO plugin, it should be. It is regularly as well, updated this is a big advantage.

Top Image SEO-friendly content and tools for WP sites

1) SEO Friendly Images

This plugin does exactly what you expect - guaranteed that all images have alt attributes, title tags and other search engines relevant data. There is also a paid version, the countless SEO features such as XML sitemap generators and custom configurations opens.

2) SEO Content Control

If you have great content on your website, you need this tool to help the weakest links. Control options are SEO content to see a list of all pages / posts that have bad text (too short), the lack of metadata and keywords that are missing.

Must have Plugins Analytics for wp

1) SEO Rank Reporter

Rank Reporter is a great seo plugin wp that allows you to control your Google rankings through your plugin wordpress dashboard and updated every three days allowed. This plugin will help you to assess if and when they need more best wordpress seo improvements. When their blades enough, you can identify with other tools that could happen, and then began to any address.

2) Google Analyticator

If you are a fan of Google Analytics, you now load the plugin and integrate the data directly into the WordPress dashboard. You will be able to better performance pages, references and keywords to see, among many other important indicators.

Social Plugins premium for wordpress blogs

1) Sociable for WP

Sociable plugin wordpress is packaged with a higher rate
Customization options. It has excellent default settings
options to use with all your personal pictures and symbols.
It's super easy to connect to most WordPress themes, and makes
their social networks instantly available to users.

2) Social media BALANCE

This is a unique seo plugin wp that allows you to add social media widget to your website in a tabbed format that can be displayed, the data of the major social sites. Currently, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, and RSS support.
Now armed with a functional and easy to use WordPress SEO Tools big pile. Go enjoy your greatest rankings!
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