Tablet News Fujitsu Launches 6 New PC and Fuji Tablet Models

Tablet News Fujitsu launches 6 new PC and fuji tablet models

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited have launched six new business models through six product series of PC and Fujitsu android tablet.

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Fuji Tablet

Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK and Fujitsu Desktop ESPRIMO series of products, Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK and Fujitsu Desktop ESPRIMO series of products, Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK and Fujitsu Desktop ESPRIMO series of products. These Models have the latest generation of the Intel Core 7 processor family, while in the Fujitsu Workstation CELSIUS series, Fujitsu is launching the new CELSIUS H970 mobile workstation with a 17.3 " HD LCD screen. In the Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO series, Fujitsu is strengthening its lineup with the launch of the FUTRO MU937 portable device, the lightest in the world, weighing only 799 grams. The Fujitsu Group is supporting the operations of its customers in a variety of industries by expanding the functionality of its various product lines.

Main features of new PC and fuji tablet models

Compact tablet with "Slide Passport", the first palm vein authentication function with slides in the world

Fujitsu has launched the new ARROWS Tab Q507 / P-SP, a lightweight 10.1 "tablet with Slide Passport, a palm vein authentication functionality that offers both security and convenience. Along the guides shown on the tablet's touchscreen, the small palm vein sensor installed in the tablet frame will read and authenticate the vein pattern in hand. Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., and Adopting an 8mm optical drive that Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. has been able to mass-produce, has made it possible to mount it in the narrow frame of a tablet.In addition, the tablet features water resistance (IPX4) and resistance to Dust (IP5X), allowing it to be used in a variety of business situations.

Improved both the LIFEBOOK notebook series and the ESPRIMO series of desktop PCs

Fujitsu has improved its lineup with a new model in its LIFEBOOK series and two new models in its ESPRIMO series, offering the latest generation of the Intel Core family of the seventh generation in the 13.3 "LIFEBOOK S937 / P ultraportable notebook, The multifunction ESPRIMO D587 / R The desktop model and the ultra small desktop model ESPRIMO Q556 / R.

CELSIUS H970 mobile workstation with large 17.3 "Full HD high-performance display

Fujitsu has expanded its line of mobile laptops in the CELSIUS workstation series by launching the CELSIUS H970 17.3 "mobile workstation with the latest Intel Core family of the seventh generation or the Intel Xeon E3-1500 family NVIDIA Quadro P4000, the latest 3D graphics card compatible with the VR Ready logo, the workstation can quickly and easily handle applications such as the latest CAD, CAE and analytical simulations. With a large 17.3 " And high-level graphics performance, this workstation offers a pleasant and stress-free work environment, even on the go.

FUTRO MU937 13.3 "mobile client, providing robust and surprisingly light security

Fujitsu is launching the lightest mobile light client in the world, the FU900 MU937, which offers increased portability, weighing 799 grams and a thickness of 15 mm. Despite its extremely lightweight body, it has eliminated several strict tests, Fujitsu is offering amazing mobility and great security, in addition to having a fingerprint sensor included as standard, it can also include a palm vein sensor (PalmSecure series ) custom made. Initiatives to transform the way people work.


Tablet ARROWS Q507 / P-SP: From 85,300 yen

LIFEBOOK S937 / P laptop: From 278,500 yen

Desktop ESPRIMO D587 / R: From 147,300 yen

Desktop ESPRIMO Q556 / R: From 131,000 yen

CELSIUS H970 Workstation: From 465,900 yen

Thin Client FUTRO MU937 (mid-May version): From 158,900 yen
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