SEO 10 worse Techniques of search engine optimization

SEO Fail! 10 the most worse Techniques of search engine optimization

You have heard of the seo technology  the largest websites use . Everyone should try to do! Right?

Well, wait. Is it safe to use the methods for search engines that other web owners and blogger use?

Too often, websites, advertising earn technique simply because another website use, think big, that's fine with me!

Best tricks for seo blogger. some worsr methods not to use in your websites

However, just because someone is not even the biggest baddest coolest, someone does not always mean that you should too.

Some of the techniques most frequently handled and why it is bad for the user, SEO, and conversions.

A. Infinite Scroll

It certainly is a great technique for specific sites, for larger pages, or even most.

Infinite scroll is ideal for sites like Facebook, where you get better information, directly and get an endless story, but that applies to all web sites or web pages Certainly not!

Before you plan your side to compensate abyss to start the long format, you ask, ask yourself the following questions:

You have a story to tell?
Is that still the movement or make you feel tired?
If the information is of course a format in the list?
Is there a reason that your users may be better served by the page?
Are you suggesting therefore that it should not be used for some pages(for example, your home page).

Never use infinite scroll on your website. Your website is an endless nightmare for usability. Why?

Homepages are used by users to information on the website. Move endless defeats the purpose.

They are bad for SEO.

Too much information, without direction.

They are very heavy, and in this case, an overload of the browser with a download 6MB (and this is where I stored stopped, and swore never to return).

Second Sticky Nav

A sticky nav is one that does not move with the page does not. This can be a top navigation bar, footer, or navigation.

Can we say frames? Maybe you are too young to remember when the settings where fresh (not) and why they are leaving. Sticky navigation systems are no different, just a different way to implement what was once called frames. If you can bring the Dodo, is not it?

Of course, there are some types of web sites and implementations where it is logical to 125-200 pixel screen navigation go up any time on it, with a navigation system element that never goes away (oh, and do not disappear and reappear - but not ' t).

However, a search on the site may very well be a better way to access the site will be faster. If e-commerce is the purpose of the site is what you really want to lose the property for a navigation bar?

There is no absolute rules about when and when not a sticky header, use except that the content of your website is your best determinant. Rule of thumb: if user with your normal navigation once in place, they do not.

So how about a sticky footer? My advice? Not. Almost everything that you put in a sticky foot bar only good for your marketing department, and not to its users, but do not take my word. Test / B.

For cause interference tights navigation systems based on use cases and hearing.

Always allow users to disable the feature.

Third Self-Sliders

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen recently published a report on this technique for carousels and accordions. Not his advice. Well, unless it interferes with users, it is your goal, then please!

4th Auto Play All

Please do not auto-play audio, video or animation when the user clicks. Is it just draw the wrong kind of attention from visitors.

Visitors do not want the sound of the voice talking in the background on theirs PC, how to find them and stop their first job will be because everything you do at the time disturbs your visitors.

And animation? Well, maybe audio-less is yours, if you think you are great. Nope! Not.

5th The banners, boxes, advertising messages sake Ads

Ten or 12 years people click on ads and bought more things. Today, we are taking up valuable space and can make you at risk of an advertising Google penalty.

Unless you're one of the lucky few, the real income of the third part of the circulation of these detours are to be made, it is better to go with your site, or do you need to replace them with internal communications to their own pages. So keep your visitors on your site and its content focused on themselves.

Remember, for every penny to make one click, you can set up users to your site. Does it really make sense to make money in the end?

6th All pop up

If it seems like getting killed. Whack that mole!

Seriously, with pop-up blocker almost nobody watches and mobile devices are easy to impede the ability of users access their content. Now this does not apply to other styles or techniques Viewer div layers that cover only the actual popover or pop-unders.

Although, really? Is anyone going to register to use the site if they have achieved there is no content? And have you tried it on a tablet or phone? Proof / B them and see if they promote or hinder.

7th Sites such as applications

Their website is no use! Even if his mind wandered. Your site is not to stop an application, as it is.

Users of the site are a group of multivariate change user intentions, while the user application seeks application to quickly bring the ultimate goals and surfaces. Do not confuse the two purposes.

Your site must offer the same content on mobiles and tablets, which are taken to the main office, and the application must be 2-4 main objectives of the users that their data indicated the desired and necessary.

8th Copy reasons of copy

Yes, this is the copy in fashion these days. No nation has been found good for SEO SEO copy and suddenly 2012 was the year of content marketing and content development and all the content. Again? No, but some new.

So what's the problem? Nothing, if your content is clear, consistent and contextual.

But for many, the contents of the drive parameters such as page views and impressions of quality and damned if people realize. That's not fair.

This type of content development is search engine trolling against Google TOS and bad for users. If it's bad for the users, it is probably bad for your site. Ask. Those who have not recovered from their content from Google "trolling" slapdowns, and if you can find them

9th Marking Keyword

Keyword identification originally began as a way to group content in sets of predefined keywords, so users can see all the objects to a single subject. Well, the authors labels on the fly, given unlimited tagging capabilities, and create multiple pages that act as subjects of this site duplicate content issues.

Your content should be appropriate keyword tagging, but limited, fixed and finite. Do not let the authors they do, how you do not go about creation and infinite. Marking keyword should help to find the content that you do not drive terms of SEO and site creation issue indefinitely.

10th Vertical scroll pages

This site is a real difference. How to do this. These pages eliminate the perception of the site and allow users to interact with information anywhere in the country side. These sites are the differences between the upper and lower as a continuous stream without stopping at certain points.

It is less successful. I have to try to stop at breakpoints right. It is more annoying than interesting and begins to correspond to a negative user experience.

It is a failed experiment. Unless you have a table that can be easily controlled whereabouts finger or hand movement of my fingers "travel dead spots" on my mouse pad or notebook to the breakpoint for Dummies.

Ask when using HTML5 and CS3 for new ways of presenting, not, why not? Ask yourself, why? If you can not answer, why support certain corporate goals through research data and the user, then it is best to "cool" to ignore and keep the "what works".

Oh, and a note of SEO, these sites really bad for SEO, so if you are in the search engines have to find any. Use a landing page or mini-site.
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