Android App To Protect Smartphones From Thieves

New Android Phone App ID to protect your phone from thieves

The phone thieves and curious friends you must have to take care now: a new android application has been released in order to catch you in when you are stealing.

Lookout Mobile Security has released an update to its application to the search for Cam Lock are released a photo of a person trying to  access to a 
protect smart-phone.

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"Locks is a free service that notifies you when someone tries to access your device, if it is stolen, or if someone else can try to take a look if you not do not allow it," says company blog.
"Cam Lock takes a picture of a person who enters an incorrect password three times in the Android lock screen with front camera on your device. Then receive an email with the image and the location of your device, gives you valuable information about who tries to access your device and where it happened. you can then use this information to remember steps to better protect your device, how to take eg change or enhance. "

Previously Lock is only available in English. He throws users this week. Premium customers have direct access to Cam Lock. Then it's just a matter of going to the "Settings" application to ensure an enhanced protection and Cam Lock is activated.

The new feature will only work on devices with front facing cameras on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

Premium users can also add a personal message up to 300 characters on the lock screen of their mobile Lookout. If the phone is lost, the new feature is the person the information that you need to find it again.

Enter from other smartphone or computer select the device "missing" and select "Lock".
The new version can be downloaded Lookout on Google Play.

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