Amazing Kanguru Defender For Safe Secure Web Session

How to create a secure web session navigation on any computer with Windows

Web browsing and secure online shopping is safer and easier than ever with the introduction of the new Kanguru Defender. Dual Trust developed a new online access, encrypted USB storage device Kanguru together Deep-net and security.
The device turns any Windows PC into a secure shopping environment for online banking, pay bills, boating and investment. It also provides a secure portable storage drive to store your sensitive files and they are everywhere with you.
The device turns any Windows PC into a secure shopping environment for online banking, pay bills, boating and investment. It also provides a secure portable storage drive to store

Key Features

Kanguru Defender™ Dual Trust
Secure on-line access and encrypted USB storage device
Quick Overview.

The Kanguru Defender  Dual Trust is web trust, pay bills online, shopping, banking, and surf the Internet in a safe and secure environment. If you worry about malware, virus or spyware on every computer that you are using to do business concern, then this is the best computer secure device for you.

Advanced features:

• Simple and easy to use.
• Access online web and securely.
• 256-bit AES hardware (secure 100%).
• Ignore the host operating system in a virtual machine environment safe.
• leaves no traces.
• The Board BitDefender Antivirus *.
• 8 GB (approx. 7 GB of free space).
• Requires to operate without administrator rights.
• Physical lock / unlock protection against writing.
• the security industry meets most.

Product Description

Dual Trust defender's confidence web browsing, pay bills online, buying behavior, shops and surf online in a secure environment. Opens a secure session of the browser, protected against vulnerabilities such as viruses, malware or spyware, the "fit" could be isolated in a normal browser window. Simply plug in a password and you're on your way to a safe browser that allows complete access online. In addition, if the device is not connected, leave the dual Trust Defender no trace of your backup session.

Designed for ease of use, improved safety features as first-class 256-bit hardware encryption * Antivirus provides built-in, with its main feature a secure line. Dual TrustDefender you can search and online transactions in a secure environment on any PC - anywhere!

With a capacity of 8 GB (approx. 7 GB of free space), and protection against viruses, you can be sure that all files are stored securely and reliably protected by the password encryption and 256-bit hardware.
256-bit hardware encryption

The dual TrustDefender uses 256-bit AES hardware encryption (CBC mode) in order to block data secure.
Onboard antivirus

Each dual Trust Kanguru Defender integrated comes with a one-year subscription, renewable BitDefender Anti-Virus in the unit. (30 day free subscription to Antivirus. Replacement 1 year subscription starts in 30 days).


Kanguru Defender Flash Dual Trust recorded safe devices can be ordered with custom options such as images, text and / or unique identifiers.
Protected by military grade hardware encryption provides USB Flash Dual TrustDefender a secure browser session against viruses and spyware lurking on the host PC is isolated.

Each session begins with a browser vulnerabilities safely and cleanly blocks malware and viruses, without a trace of activity in line behind the computer. All downloaded files or during the session will be recorded automatically encrypted on the flash drive to take with you wherever you go.

How hackers and thieves are more sophisticated, it is more important than ever for businesses and consumers in order to protect themselves from crime. Dual Trust the Defender, it's easy to bank accounts, to protect credit card information and other disclosures of sensitive data. Best of all, it is completely portable and works on any Windows computer, either at home, in the office or on the road.

Features include:

Linux virtual environment from the host operating system is isolated
256-bit AES hardware (FIPS 197)
Secure browser without a trace online activity on your local PC
More than 7 GB of secured storage
Board BitdefenderTM Antivirus (30-day trial).
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