PC gaming news Razer To Launch First Gaming Tablet PC

PC gaming news: Razer Gaming World prepares to launch first Gaming Tablet PC.

Consumer Electronics in the last show of the year debuted gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer Project Fiona, a tablet gaming PC concept with a pair of handles aside. It seems ridiculous, but it promises. This promise was this year to Razer, a full-featured gaming tablet, many sources form factor gaming PC Tablet, shipping, and start at less than $1000. You will not believe what they crammed into this thing.

Promise the same product Razer Fiona was at the end of last year, but before the company opened the device design for the major players in the PC products. Thanks to the interaction between the players, the Razer Facebook page and the Web community, the project has gone Fiona drooling an interesting idea for a piece of technology worthy.

Razer Gaming World prepares to launch first Gaming Tablet PC Razer Project Fiona, a tablet gaming PC concept
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For starters, they have to eliminate the stupid handles. Well, not quite.
Grips with its oddly placed buttons and analog sticks have been replaced by a docking station option, the ability to jump to humans utter stupidity sensitive, while sitting in a Starbucks fans did, they are the driving force behind a black rectangle is $249.99 for to enjoy the privilege. Everyone wins.

In addition to saving a little dignity, many sources also helped the final specifications and prices Razer Tajo. Razer said they wanted power and the price you want to pay. What we get is a Windows 8 tablet PC in a position to. Dishonored in the standard configuration up to 59 frames per second, with models from $999.

Before entering into the womb, let us look the outwards.
The Razer Edge has housed a 10.1-inch display in a tablet containing two kilos heavier and 0.8 cm deep. Weight, which is in line with the surface of Courage. With a little more depth It is an ultra-slim tablet, but it is also incredibly strong.

The tablet is added to a number of docking stations. There are spring palo bobo, what we have seen. There is also a keyboard dock ($199), perfect for MMO players and adds a heavy cat-Dock ($ 99), the USB ports and an HDMI output, transforming the device into a PC game console your TV.
The tablet itself to work with games like Civilization 5 touch screen, and if there a way to connect a bluetooth controller for I am very sad.

So the Razer board has many options to play the kind of power that we play?

Standard Razer edge ($ 999) device comes packed with an Intel Core i5, Nvidia GT640M graphics LE, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a 64GB SSD. If both shuddered as I have in this small amount of space, then you are probably more interested in the edge Razer Pro with 8 GB of memory, an Intel Core i7 processor and either 128 or 256 GB SSD, from $1,299.

In comparison to a traditional gaming PC Razer edge determines the amount of energy. Compared to other tablets on the market, it's crazy.

Razer has tried to make the most portable gaming tablet PC for years, and have some pretty amazing concepts and products in the process. Products such as the Razer Blade, the gaming notebook $ 2500 sacrifice power for portability, which surprised many of his critics, sold at every step.

Compared to the blade idea, the Razer edge is downright reasonable. It's a PC game. Is a tablet. Steam is a box. This is the future, and will be available soon.
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