Download and Find Good Android Apps With Playboard

Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications

None of the best mobile operating systems have good application stores. If you are an iOS user, you are stuck with iTunes, an increasingly bloated software (on a Mac). Moreover, the recent presentation similar letter through the App Store, which shows an application at a time can be very annoying.

Android is no exception to this problem. There is a need for a better way to find the applications - that's exactly what it means to solve with Playboard.
Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications.

The main difference between Google play and Playboard play is that this class of applications based on the algorithm, the automatic mode, so you can see a lot of spam applications to graphics applications based.

Playboard other hand, depends on your community. If you want to contribute your database, you can register and start making the "signs" that contain a specific type of applications. Something like Pinterest advice.

There are lots of things you can do, from well-developed applications for the last few games made ​​free.

If you are a blogger, you can even insert a table widget on your site. This can be useful, especially if you maintain a web site for Android.

I think the overall experience is better than other alternatives AppBrain Google Play. You can access it either through the application or through Android web applications.

Link: Playboard
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