Features Of Windows 8 and windows server 2012

The new features of Windows 8 and Server 2012

On Organic and EUFI Login | Improve security at startup

All new computers installed with Windows 8, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) have to start the traditional system basic input output system (BIOS). This speeds up the boot time for Windows computers and protects against annoying rootkit viruses that have caused problems for years.

This experience helps departments UEFI IT outsourcing significant time with viral infections. Windows 8 will be early release Anti-Malware (ELAM), the consultant to carry out the transmission of malware before allowing the operating system will start. UEFI also includes remote access, which allows access to an environmental consultant before starting the operating system. This reduces the need to send a technician on-site to many diagnostic and repair absorption malware perform tasks may instead be performed by a network. Many managed services can be made by EUFI.

Windows 8 have much faster start-up time than previous versions of Windows. This saves time administrator starts because downtime is not much demand. UEFI is still controversial, because users. Forced stop function for people who want a dual-boot computer.

A tablet whole new experience

Windows x86 tablet is likely have Full business support, as we have seen on the iPhone, iPad and most BlackBerry devices. Windows users can download the full version of Microsoft Office 2013 and many other applications that are installed in their entirety Windows 8 platform. This is ideal for engineers, because to be able to use the full network includes identical to Windows 8 This may vary, however. On tablets with ARM processors with the Windows operating system run-time.

Windows to Go feature

Very similar to Linux can be fully charged in a USB drive and run on a single computer, Windows will be able to have the same functionality. In the new Windows 8 Enterprise has a feature called Windows To Go, you can download a full version of Windows 8 on a USB Drive 32 GB or more to install.

This feature was confirmed that work on Windows 8 and Windows 7 PC, so I hope it's the same on Windows Vista and XP. Windows To Go is especially beneficial to engineers and contractors temporary because it will be able to use features such as Active Directory and BitLocker to all information that are lost or stolen will repel. This could also be a very useful tool for backups, because it offers an exact copy of your PC, if you wish.

New types of wireless networks and roaming access

Many new types of networks are now added to Windows 8. 3G/4G network properties that are available through the EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA AKA, first protocols for network authentication. Windows 8 it is the universities and businesses to authenticate on your PC on your network and no longer a reason to install 3rd party software. This saves two computer technicians and users of time and headaches.

Windows finally solved roaming between wireless operators such as cell phone companies can change train to train. The Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming (WISPr) protocol allows a user to move from one conflict to another, regardless of the medium ISP. Brilliant!

Network improvements

Technicians and administrators see the benefits of the new networking features that Windows 8 and Windows Server contains the 2012th A new Server Message Block (SMB) now extends the functionality of file-sharing network availability, management and failover security and transparent encryption. As the native SMB network interface card (NIC) team work load balancing and fail-over protection by binding multiple network interfaces.

Recovery Options - Refresh and Reset

Windows 8 comes with two new recovery options on the table named Update and Restore. This could save time and money when a PC technician is corrupted or infected with malware. Both recovery options, see the Windows Recovery Environment initialization.

Reset - This function does exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to restart your PC to a new PC, install all your data and Windows. With Bit-locker enabled, this process takes about 10 minutes and 25 minutes, if it is disabled by Microsoft. An option that allows users to easily delete and format by regular election code stir in the previous installation, which makes it much more difficult to retrieve the information is possible, this Full name option.

Update - This feature allows users to reinstall Windows 8, but keeps your applications and files the user in carrying out this task. In less than 10 minutes, Windows users need secure information and install a new version of Windows, all programs in an HTML file, but no license. If you create a backup image of Windows before this process, you can recover all the settings and applications normally without. Loss of data

Windows 8 and Server 2012 users with a new experience for their computer systems. Technicians can service networks much easier and more efficient.

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