Twitter Is Now Stopping 3rd Party Applications

Twitter is being systematically killed 3rd party applications

Twitter has deleted the reference to customer tweets. You've probably noticed, if you have a single tweet, it was easy to see that the client is used to send this particular tweet. It was hard to find a great way for Twitter users and introduction of new mobile applications and Twitter desktop clients. This latest initiative confirms my opinion that Twitter systematically killed 3rd party applications.apps client

For example, the following figure shows the tweet I did a few months ago from Tweet-Deck.
Now, under the new guidelines of Twitter, the customer's name will not be displayed with individual tweets. This is not an isolated case, Twitter has also introduced new guidelines that limited third party API applications. Only 100,000 users at once This restricts 3rd party clients to monetize their products and effectively means the death of the latter.
Change of heart 3rd party Twitter clients

Twitter for me, it was a platform for the open end. Although Facebook is the big fish in the pond Social, Twitter has carved a unique identity. This identity has only been developed as third-party clients and mobile applications for Twitter.

These applications and the organization has retweet Twitter accounts that you follow into lists. Even Twitter re-tweet function adopted and create playlists on your own website and mobile applications.apps client

But as Twitter has hundreds of millions of users, it was not enough money to. At least not as much as a company with this kind of brand and its presence should. That's when Twitter started to 3rd party applications defensive. First bought Tweet Deck, a desktop client for the popular use of Twitter. Tweet-Deck was bought for probably acquired by another company. Tweet-deck is now more or less official desktop client application for the Windows platform.
Twitter can not be attributed entirely

Well, this is Twitter as a villain, the power of 3rd party developers for so long and now they are apart, not be held entirely responsible. Twitter is simply a lot of money. A site like Twitter has to use a lot of money. Can not allow to flourish 3rd party applications and make money with Twitter, in attempting to do the same. With Twitter for nonprofit 3rd party applications, moves all the money making opportunities for themselves.

Do you think that Twitter influence idea of ​​killing 3rd party applications seriously long
apps client? Or finally give Twitter more control over their own platform for the better? Deposit in a review here.
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