Vi offers Unlimited High Speed Free Internet at Night and More, Read to Know More

 Vi announces free internet and unlimited fast internet between 12 AM and 6 AM for their prepaid users. The fastest internet data time between 12 AM and 6 AM will apply to pre-paid Vi users who sign up for a plan costing Rs 249 and above.

In an effort to retain existing users and attract more users to its network, Vi has announced unlimited internet speed usage at no additional cost during the night, between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m. without additional costs. Prepaid plans that will provide users with fast and free internet overnight will only apply to prepaid users who prefer paid plans for Rs 249 and above.

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Vi offers Unlimited High Speed Free Internet 

"As mobile internet becomes the lifeblood of the world's crippled people, the free high-speed unlimited internet bonus data at night will help Vi customers find out more about their lives and time. Prepaid customers can now relax after a long day with unlimited infotainment, connect with your loved ones. with long video calls or planning to download without having to worry about depleting their daily data, "telco said in a statement. Vi noted that this is the industry's first proposal and that it will cater to consumer segments such as youth showing high data usage overnight.

Vi realizes that the fast-paced nighttime free internet can be used by Vi customers to browse and download a variety of content from a variety of OTT apps, as well as the Vi Movie and TV App. Vi notes that the app has been downloaded by more than 10+ Vi subscribers and offers access to more than 9500+ movies, 13 different languages, 400+ live TV channels and a large catalog of first web series and shows -International TV of all kinds.

Additionally, Vi provides the benefit of weekend transfer data to users, allowing users to collect and use unused data during weekends. Currently, the weekend data transfer benefit is valid until April 2021. Vi is currently the only telco that offers users double access to pre-paid data plans at Rs 299, Rs 449 and Rs 699.

These prepaid programs offer dual data and weekend data benefits that enable customers to collect unused data throughout the week and use it together over the weekend. These programs offer 4GB of data per day ready to stream shows or work at home where users can make sure their data is not wasted. These plans are valid for 28 days, 56 days and 84 days respectively. Vi offers best data plans and free internet at night.

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