Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs Best Stylish Android Tab You Should Buy: Tab 3 review

Samsung galaxy tab s3 specs: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: The Most Beautiful Android Tablet that you Can Buy

Samsung galaxy tab s3 specs: There is no real tablet market, there is an iPad market, and then there are the remains. And while Windows has made impressive breakthroughs in the convertible market, 2-in-1tablet PC and high-end tablets, most Android tablets have fallen into the low-end category. Even this, thanks to the competition of larger and larger phones, is becoming less attractive as time passes. So, with all this in mind, what does Samsung want with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? Samsung tab 3 size is 9.7 inch.
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Samsung galaxy tab s3 specs, galaxy s3 release date

The Samsung galaxy tab 3 model S3 tab is clearly aimed at the same market as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It is a powerful and attractive device that (unlike the iPad Pro) comes with a pressure sensitive pen in the box, and there is also an optional keyboard that closely resembles the Smart Key cover of the iPad Pro. Just like the iPad Pro, is supposed to be more than a device for consumption. And, as we'll see later, that's a problem for the Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung galaxy tab s3 specs: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Design

The good news is that Samsung has created a nice design with the Galaxy Tab S3. It has a high-resolution AMOLED display (2,048 x 1,536, which is identical to the iPad Pro), a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The screen is the kind of thing that Samsung executives will be proud of and with some justification with perfect Samsung tab 3 size: it's bright and generally easy to read. However, it is AMOLED, with all the advantages and disadvantages that imply. Black really is black, the contrast is effectively perfect and the colour coverage is excellent.

For my eyes, AMOLED always looks a bit over saturated and in the default colour mode, the S3 tab is definitely that. Fortunately, for those with sensitive eyes, there is a selection of different colour profiles that can be used to tone things up.

Where the Galaxy Tab S3 has a clear advantage is the included S-Pen. I'm not a fan of Samsung software and Samsung galaxy tab 3 os, but the way the company has worked to make S-Pen more useful is impressive. Yes, you can simply use it as a simple pen with third-party applications like Microsoft OneNote, but place the pen near the edge of the screen and you will get a popup menu of useful options for taking notes, screenshots and more. It is well thought out and genuinely Useful.

Samsung galaxy tab 3 features: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Performance

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a quad-core 820 Snapdragon - a decent processor, but it is not at the forefront. That is reflected in a Geekbench 4 multi-core result of 4,208 and a single core of 1,751. Obviously, tab S3 outperforms Google Pixel C and the old Tab S2 but is slightly outperformed by Apple's new iPad, with its 4,204 and 2,490 scores.

Yes, that's right: the Tab S3 is outperformed by Apple's latest iPad, not by the iPad Pro. That means it's significantly slower than the 9.7in device that ostensibly goes face-to-face with.

Samsung galaxy tab 3 battery life, while the battery is slightly larger than the S2 Tab, the 6,000mAh bulge does not seem to have been worth it. The Samsung galaxy tab 3 battery life lasted 11hrs 43mins in our continuous video playback test with the screen set to 170cd / m2 - which is almost three hours less than the Tab S2 of 14hrs 33mins and more behind the 14hrs of the new iPad 47mins. So, Samsung tab 3 battery life is not much promising but not bad too.

Samsung galaxy tab 3 os: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Software

I mentioned at the beginning that the Galaxy Tab S3 is intended, like the Pro iPad series, to be something that can replace a laptop with. And this is where slap-bang runs on the limitations of Android as a tablet operating system.

First, the good points: unlike the situation a couple of years ago, the applications are there to do a serious job. The main Office applications from Microsoft are now on Google Play, are preinstalled on the S3 tab and are very good. Similarly, you'll find Trello, Slack, and other essentials available.

But multitasking is still less elegant than the equivalent in iOS. Some applications, for example, Facebook, simply do not work well with the split screen system and many still do not work in landscape orientation.

Tab 3 review: Verdict

To buy the Galaxy Tab S3 with 32GB of memory, Samsung galaxy tab 3 original price is
 £599. That's £50 more than the equivalent Apple iPad Pro 9.7in, although you will have to add in an Apple pen (£99) to get all the functionality of the Tab S3, which makes the iPad Pro a little more expensive.

If the Galaxy Tab S3 were £100 cheaper, it would have been a genuine competitor for the iPad Pro; In fact, it would have been difficult to argue in favour of the iPad. But being thrown around the same price means it's a much more difficult sale.

If you want an Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a decent alternative to the Pixel C. It is faster, comes with the compatibility of the pen and a stylus in the box, and the option to add a keyboard as well. But as a productivity device, it is much more expensive; Bought with the keyboard cover is £ 120 more expensive than the Pixel C with its keyboard and, as always, you will get more frequent software updates with the Google product.

And if you want a tablet, instead of specifically an Android tablet, either the cheapest iPad or iPad Pro is a better option. The iPad is £ 200 less, lacks a pen, but runs faster and has access to the upper iOS tablet software library. The iPad Pro 9.7 is a little more expensive once you buy the Apple pen, but significantly faster and again have better software.

That puts the Galaxy Tab S3 in a difficult place. Yes, it's the best Android tablet around, but it's not as good as an iPad and it's considerably more expensive than the Google Pixel C, so it's really something that's just for Apple's most determined racers.
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