Five Best 'Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks' For Android and iOS Users

Five Best 'Pokemon Go' Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS users unveiled. Pokémon Go has been a series of "first epochs" for Nintendo and the Pokémon franchise as a whole. The franchise is known mainly for being a gateway to Nintendo's entry into the mobile landscape. Now millions of users are online for tips and tricks for Pokémon GO. Why is that? It's simply because Pokémon GO brings the franchise to smartphones and even tablets. With that said, here are some basic tips and tricks on Pokémon GO that will definitely work for Android and iOS users.

Five Best 'Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks' For Android and iOS Users

Looking for Pokémon Go Gyms and Trainers

Finding Gyms is as easy as finding the first Pokémon. It's even easier thanks to the game that gives you its exact location. On the map, look for a platform that rises above all with a Pokémon logo floating above it. This is definitely going to be a gym

How to throw a Pokeball

Throwing a Pokeball is a compulsory game mechanic. When throwing Pokeballs, try to approach with a fast and accurate attack towards the Pokémon as much as possible, paying attention to the green orientation circle around the creature.

Where to find PokeStops

Pokémon GO gives you a free PokeBalls stash from the beginning, but in order for you to keep getting free items, you have to locate a PokeStop. PokeStops randomly surface on your map automatically. When you are near them, your marker will change, allowing you to turn and collect all the treasures it offers. Take note: PokeStops are usually local landmarks.

Use Poke Radar to find the best Pokemon

PokeRadar users report players already living in your area to help you locate where specific game creatures are located around your neighborhood.

You do not have to walk around to catch Pokémon

You're right! Pokémon GO uses the information shared with it through Wi-Fi connections and GPS sensors to know its exact location. It's how you know you're actually close to the location of the Pokémon you're trying to catch, along with playing the game the way it's intended.
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