Dirty Cow Android Flaw Not included In Google Nov Security Update

Android security November update an update for the bugs and security flaws but "dirty cow" Linux flaw does not include in the update by Google. Last month, the Linux security researcher, Phil Oester, discovered that a Linux kernel bug 9 years old (CVE-2016-5195) "Dirty Cow" is seen infected many android users. Google had to correct this - after all, Android uses the Linux kernel - with its latest security updates, but as it turns out, the search giant has set aside the old important flaw to fix with its security updates dated for November.

Dirty Cow Android Flaw Not included In Google Nov Security Update

Android Security November Update fixes 15 critical flaws associated with the platform, but surprisingly, this vulnerability discovered by Oester has not yet found a solution. The extent of the danger of this vulnerability can be understood by the fact that it can give root access to a device to the attacker in just five seconds.

"The exploit is trivial to run in nature, never failed and probably been there for years - the version I got was compiled with GCC 4.8," said Oester last month. The bug was initially updated 11 years ago, but the update was subsequently canceled in another update.

Threatpost Kaspersky Lab reported that, although the main setting in Android security update for November does not include a fix for the Dirty Cow Flaw, Google released another patch for pixels and Nexus devices. He added that Samsung also launched a solution for its mobile devices. Google will present the Patch for Dirty Cow Android in the Android Security Update of December.

According to the side of this decision, the operation of these errors leaves no trace. This type of disruption makes it still dangerous because the users will not be aware even if their security has been compromised.
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