How to configure WhatsApp on a tablet, phone without a phone number

WhatsApp tricks, How to configure WhatsApp on a tablet, smartphone without a phone number or sim card. Facebook WhatsApp property is one of the most popular messaging services in the world, but creating an account on your smartphone to use WhatsApp service is always a pain, especially thanks to their rigorous verification process. Other than that, WhatsApp only allows you to use one account on a device. Also, you can't use WhatsApp service on a tablet without sim card.

How to configure WhatsApp on a tablet, phone without a phone number

If you have two mobile phones, one to make calls and a secondary device for social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp etc then creating WhatsApp account is always painful because of their strict verification process. But did you know that there is a trick to bypass the WhatsApp verification process? This trick is useful to set up an existing account to another phone when an old SIM card is missing. Therefore, we have a step to step guide that must be followed to create a WhatsApp account phone number verification.

How to configure WhatsApp on tabletsmartphone without phone number

1. Download WhatsApp application from Playstore and install it on your phone, tablet, etc.

2. Open WhatsApp and start the configuration process.

3. Then here is a trick to do. Open Google Playstore and download TextNow app to your phone or tablet PC. Note that there is no space between the text and now. It is interesting to note that there is another application text now but that does not make any sense in this trick. Only TextNow app is compatible with the device.

4. Open TextNow application and go through the initial setup. Then enter the number of TextNow application. If the number now showing up, you can still dig out your number by clicking the icon in the upper left corner of your Android phone or tablet, click the icon. Now back to WhatsApp and enter the same TextNow numbers into the box.

5. Wait for the verification by the SMS option to fail (approx .. 2 minutes). when it fails, go check the selection of verification through call option.

6. Back to TextNow application. You will get a call there. Note the confirmation number.

7. Reopen WhatsApp and enter the verification number. Now you have successfully bypassed the Whatsapp verification process of your number. 
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