Xiaomi Tricks 10 Hidden Tricks of Xiaomi MIUI You Must Know

10 hidden MIUI tips and tricks you should know. Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi managed MIUI code in India with its rich features in their affordable smartphones. The company successfully sells a variety of devices such redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3, Mi 4i, Mi 4, Xiaomi redmi Note, Redmi Note Prime, etc, and has recently launched its latest flagship and best budget redmi Note 3 in the Indian market. Moreover, Xiaomi will soon launch the high-end mobile phones Xiaomi MI 5 in the Indian market.
Tricks, tips for redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3, Mi 4i, Mi 4, Xiaomi redmi Note, Redmi Note Prime

Their smartphones are loaded with high-end equipment and use the latest Xiaomi MIUI 7, which offers a lot of customization options and packages in a number of interesting features that enhance the experience of Android. Here we have 7 top hidden features of MIUI, so you can make the most of your Xiaomi smartphone.

10 hidden MIUI Tips and Tricks you need to know

1. SMS Smart Filter feature of Xiaomi MIUI.

It may be difficult to find a particular message in your mailbox if they are constantly inundated with advertising messages from banks, telecom operators, e-commerce players and the likes of Lens Kart.

To solve the problem, MIUI 7 has Smart SMS filter, the messages of frequently used contacts or contacts first and stacked separately in a folder. It also filters the advertising message in a separate folder to make things easier for you.

To activate smart SMS filter go to: Settings> Applications> Messaging> Enable Notifications group.

2. Inbuilt Call Recorder.

Although it is not a new addition to MIUI 7, the property is worth and can provide this additional functionality of smartphones. Xiaomi MIUI comes with an inbuilt call recorder that can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. So there is no need, a third Call Recorder for download.

To activate it: Contacts> Menu button (three horizontal lines)> Settings> Record.

You can also change the recorder settings to set recording for selected numbers.

3. XXL font in Xiaomi MIUI.

Xiaomi MIUI 7 comes with a text-XXL. When activated, renewed every mode interface to display correctly the text in large fonts and without disturbing other elements. Most smartphones offer sizes up to XL, but with MIUI 7 you can easily set large fonts for easy reading.

To activate: Settings> Text Size and select the size you see fit for your eyes.

4. One handed mode.

This is especially for those who find their Xiaomi smartphone big enough to operate with one hand. You can activate the mode with one hand, adjust the screen to the left or right of the screen to make the adjustment to the smartphone with one hand.

Xiaomi MIUI offers 3 different screen sizes from 3.5-inch to choose, 4 inches, and 4.5 inches.

To activate: Settings> More> Mode one hand.

5. Customize Quick panel toggles.

Most of the time we deal with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen rotation, data on / off and retrieve a number or other adjustments in the Quick settings from the notification window. With MIUI7 icons can organize a quick configuration to your liking.

To activate: Settings> Notifications> Toggle positions> press and hold the toggle to place them at your convenience.

6. Inbuilt apps / setting / Gallery lock in Xiaomi.

If you use a Xiaomi smartphone, then you should not surf the Google Play Store to download an app  locker or gallery lock app for android. MIUI has inbuilt app that can protect your sensitive data and you can lock any app or gallery in your xiaomi phone or Xiaomi tablet PC.

To activate: Settings> Security> privacy protection> Permissions> Set Pattern lock.

Now go back to the privacy protection, and select the applications that you want to lock.

7. Automatic detection of OTP.

Often we deal with banking transactions, records in various electronic trading platforms and others that require us to manually enter the OTP (One Time Password). But with MIUI 7 it is not necessary to copy and paste the OTP manually.

The MIUI recognizes the OTP if you make an e-commerce transaction and allows you to insert in the area, to complete the process.

8. Disable animations to boost CPU performance and save battery power.

By disabling the animation you can give little rest to your Xiaomi graphics chips, improve your smartphone battery power and improve the overall performance of the CPU. MIUI 7 can do to stop this by disabling the system animations.

Although it is available in other Android smartphones too by activating the developer mode, Xiaomi MIUI you can do this simply by:

Settings> More Settings> Battery> System animations. The phone will reboot to activate the function.

9. Baby pictures separate folder in Xiaomi MIUI.

This might not be a big problem for many, but for users who like to take pictures of their babies find it very convenient. MIUI 7 has a baby album function that automatically detects all baby photos in your gallery and show them in one folder.

This makes it easy to find pictures or set them as a slideshow on the lock screen.

10. Reading Mode in MIUI 7.

Smartphones have definitely changed the way people consume digital content. Most of us like to read the news, Facebook, browse web pages, read books on our smartphones, but with the constant display; light blue screen can affect the eyes and mess with your sleep patterns.

To minimize the effect, MIUI has a reading mode, the screen to change a warmer tone - filtration of the yellow and blue light. The yellow light is pleasing to the eye and also reduces the risk of cancer.

To activate: Settings> Display> Reading mode.

Hope that these simple 10 tricks of Xiaomi MIUI will help you to improve your Xiaomi phones like redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3, Mi 4i, Mi 4, Xiaomi redmi Note, Redmi Note Prime, etc or in your Xiaomi tablet PC.
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