How to Charge Your Phone Faster charge the phone in 30 sec

How to charge your phone fasterCharging the phone battery in less than a minute. Is it possible to charge the phone from 0% to 100% in less than a minute? Yes. I just see what happens. But you have to put a special battery in your phone, punch in the case directly to the battery, put copper connectors in the holes and a professional mobile charger of 200 watts.

Or you can wait for instant-charging to Israeli startup StoreDot, which is a system of power that can charge the phone up to 200 times faster than today's charging your batteryIn their labs, StoreDot developed new molecules, which allow the lithium ion battery Special fast charged. With a specialized unit charger, you can charge the phone in six minutes, one minute or in 30 seconds depending on the type of charger you use.

How to Charge Your Phone Faster charge the phone in 30 sec

StoreDot most practical solution is 50 amp battery charger having the ability to charge your battery to 100% in about six minutes with electricity. It is known as "x20" as it can charge the phone 20 times faster than today's charging solutions.

The X20 provides the easiest to implement StoreDot as it comes with a wall charger bag - and fast-loading phone requires a direct connection to the battery and pack a monstrous load.

The x100 (you guessed it - 100 times faster) than undertakes to increase the power of 200 watts. Smartphone manufacturers have to drill holes in the back, which is not exactly not correspond with today's design standards. But imagine, plug your phone in half a minute, and you have a full load. You probably have some aesthetic change for them. CEO Doron StoreDot Myersdorf acknowledges that every solution has its drawbacks and limitations.

Even the x20 model requires a special 20-pin connector that looks like the old connectors for iPhone and iPod. Like most of the industry migrates into the USB port Universal Type-C, which will be held some convincing to return to a specialist.

Nevertheless, he said StoreDot Myersdorf generated much interest from smartphone companies and $66 million in funding.

StoreDot currently working on a cheaper solution. But there is still a long way to go, has until dawn. You need all kinds of regulatory approvals to remove (Myersdorf said actually safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, as it is less prone to burning). And the cost will remain a problem for several years.

He predicts that the first StoreDot battery appears in the market in 2017. But in 2018, the technology began to be adopted more quickly, think Mysersdorf that the cost of implementing cargo solutions on smartphones StoreDot about the same as the current batteries.

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