How to boost 3G speed to 4G in Android phones boost 3g internet

3G trick, How to speed up 3G internet connection to 4G speed on your android phone or tablet. The Internet is the quickest way to obtain information about a topic. What if you are stuck with slow internet connection on your smartphone or tablet PC?

You will not be able to take full advantage of Internet services if speed is slow. Slow data rates are something that everyone wants to improve so, if you have slow 3G internet, don't worry here is a best-working 3G trick free through which you can boost 3g internet connection to get 4G speed.

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Despite the availability of 3G and 4G communication technologies, which enable users to access the Internet wherever they are, but eventually, end up watching the spinning wheel to load the video.

XDA forum member Thankfully developed a method through which you can boost Internet connection and improve the speed of your 3G connection.

How to boost 3G internet speed

1. Change settings of Internet files.

Now, in order to optimize your Internet connection, you need to edit the Internet configuration settings file. By editing "header compression Van Jacobson TCP/IP" in the configuration file, it will significantly increase your 3G speed.

Users who edit the configuration file, reports 3G connection speeds up to double what they had before. But this hack depends on only if your internet service provider supports the function.

2. Requirements to boost 3G speed?

To speed up 3G connection, you need to have root access of your Android smartphone or android tablet. Rooting your smartphone will void the warranty and could erase all data, backup all data before rooting of the device.

Download Options.7z archive to increase the speed of 3g. This folder contains the modified version of the file is already located in the system folder and then you have to replace that with the newly downloaded file.

Download a best file manager android app like ES File Explorer or other from the Google Play Store that must be compatible with root access files and can change file permissions.

How to speed up 3G data?

Step 1: Download and extract the file options.7z in a folder called options.

Step 2: Copy the options file from the device to the root directory of the SD card.

Step 3: Open File Manager ES and allow root access from the menu to go >> >> >> Root Explorer confirm.

Step 4: Now locate the file "Options" from the File Manager ES and copy that to folder "/system/etc/ppp."

Step 5: Change the permission of the file option: Press and hold the file: More >> Edit >> Properties (driver) >> activate the three permission under (owner, group and others), disable the three under writing and activate the three under Execute. And click OK.

Step 6: Restart the device. Bingo you have successfully increased the speed of internet of your android phone or android tablet. If you have any question or need any help, you can ask us in the comment section.
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