Battop Slim Wireless bluetooth keyboard for tablets and smartphones

Enhance the powers of your Tablet PC, computer, Glaxy Tab and smartphones with this Bluetooth wireless keyboard for sale on Amazon online shopping. This wireless keyboard for smartphones and tablets makes the use of tablet easier and efficient for work and gaming, it is worth to have a tablet with a wireless keyboard.

The keyboard  brand is BATTOP and BATTOP ultra slim bluetooth wireless keyboard price is $22.99 on amazon with free shipping for orders more than $35.

Buy Slim Wireless bluetooth keyboard for tablets and smartphones

This lightweight wireless Bluetooth keyboard features a built-in touchpad and supports multiple hidden self-closing mechanism for Windows, Android 4.0 tablet PC, Galaxy Tabs and smartphones. This BATTOP wireless keyboard proves to much easier and more effective writing for tablets and for gaming purpose. 

It is portable keyboard so, it can be used anywhere: at home of your friend, in a working road trip, traveling, while gaming on tablets and much more. It can be used for a long time as it is powered with extra battery 300mAh lithium battery working up to 30 days without charging on standby and 30 hours of continuous operation.

This portable tablet PC keyboard comes with keyboard, user manual, the micro-USB cable and a warranty of 12 months.

Ultra slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard BATTOP price $22.99 with free shipping over orders of $35 on Amazon.
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