Cheap Amazon $50 Fire Tablet best for children Students Review

Budget $50 Amazon Fire tablet, Cheap Amazon $50 Fire Tablet best for children Students Review. The thing to remember about the new tablet from Amazon Fire is that it cost you only $50. This Amazon budget tablet PC is not light or as thin as a tablet, which costs five or six times more. The camera is not as good and the screen is not as sharp. But it works well as a mainly budget equipment reading, Facebook, video and, of course, shopping on Amazon. The new Amazon Fire tablet is cheaper, but they come with a fall schedule that. Out tops at $ 230. But Apple iPads start at $ 269, with no ads Sure, you will get cheap tablet less than $50.

Cheap Amazon $50 Fire Tablet best for children Students Review

Features of Amazon Fire Tablet $50

1. Design

The 7-inch tablet is bulky thick around two thirds as a card game. This contradicts the trend as more and more gadgets becoming slim. But it is reasonable for budget devices, because they use large main components in order to reduce costs. In 11 oz, the tablet also feel heavy for a gadget of this size.

2. Display

The screen is just under the Full HD screen, also known as 1080p. Boast Amazon HDX as tablets and iPads from Apple Retina have strong super-screens, the screen of the new fire is retro.

Photos and video display is in very good quality. But the lower resolution is more visible for little text. It feels like a typewriter with the type of metal that has not been cleansed of dirt, which form the letters deformed on impact with the dirt band. (For younger readers, typewriters are machines that produce paper tickets, rather than a screen. And the paper writing a web of material from the trees.)

3. Software

A little swipe on the left will take you to most recently accessed content, applications and recommendations. It is a good way to spend common tasks without much time to get moving on the main screen icons. Amazon older devices benefit from this feature with a future software update.

The range of application is not as robust as what's available on iPad, Android and Windows devices. Amazon tablet runs on a customized version of Android, and thousands of Android applications are not compatible yet. You can get many useful apps, but not everything.

4. Camera

The main camera is 2MP. Photos are blurred and the images in low light have lots of color distortion. The lens of the camera is also not able to capture as much as the other devices of the same distance. It's as if the camera via a stepless zoom. But this is not a big issue as most people already have smart phones with decent cameras. No need to pay more than double Technology.

5. Connectivity

The Amazon fire tab has only as a former band Wi-Fi technically which is not known for high speed, WiFi available is 802.11ac standard. In practice, this means that the signal area and the data rate may be lower. But in my limited testing of downloading with the new tablet, a video file downloaded much faster than last year HDX 8.9 Tablet from Amazon, which has dual-band Wi-Fi, so it's just cut and dry. Many other factors affect the performance, even if you have the high-end technology.

6. Performance

Amazon Fire cheap tablet surprised me in many ways. The display has in-plane switching technology, which means that you can see from an angle - twice as wide as the standard view, according to Amazon. The tablet is designed to surf quickly on the Internet, e-mail and other common tasks. It seemed to take extra 1 or 2 seconds to start the movie on Hulu and Netflix, but the playback is smooth once it started to play.

Unlike iPads, fire allows you to set up multiple profiles, including children, and make the boundaries of the fathers upon the applications and the time of use. But Amazon Tablet does not have the anti-glare in the latest iPad technology or fingerprint reader found to circumvent the access codes.

The battery life is promised seven hours, which is reasonable for $50.

And as with other Amazon Fire tablet device works great with other services of Amazon Kindle, including e-books, audio books Audible, streaming video and e-commerce. Simply drag directly from the home screen to browse through the various services. After logging in with my Amazon account, the purchase page reminded me of this kind of vacuum bags, that must be replaced. I also found a mini-divers who have to do with this annoying clogged sink in my kitchen.

7. Who should buy it?

Amazon Fire tab is a good choice for children. They are not about what is missing to complain and if they lose the device, it is only $50 to replace. Amazon even sell six by the price of five so each family member can have it.
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