Lenovo Yoga Tab 8 inch Android Tablet review

Lenovo Yoga Tab Android Tablet review. Everyone wants best Tablets, but many of us do not want the old low quality tablet PC, as we are in a modern era and we want to buy best android tablet PC but without compromising with the budget. Today we review the Lenovo Yoga tab. As the name suggests, it is the third generation of Android Lenovo Yoga family. I saw the original yoga tab in 2013, but that was not quite good but this android tab is the latest version?

Lenovo Yoga Tab 8 inch Android Tablet review

I do not want to confuse - that's a great looking tablet. Lenovo has the same basic design, which is great, because it has the best part of the unit. Dials feel a little big, but not too much. This Lenovo Tab has a 8 inch 800 x 1280 display greeted on a solid feeling plastic body. It also have audio jack, power button, the rotating camera, a metal crowbar with a wide range of movement, speakers, and especially the battery. The large battery for 20 hours of usage rated good. The use of the heavy video and Wi-Fi, the results were pretty darn close. Note that the micro-USB port supports USB OTG, so with the appropriate adapter it can even use it to charge your phone.

The quad-core chips used in tablet provides the best video play without delays or stutters. A completely smooth experience from start to end. Then there are the extra inches: not for those who will tell you that it makes no difference is fibbing to hear. I found it particularly useful to read books in public transport. Not as bulky as 10 inch tablet PC but also having a small screen makes a difference.

For audio, Lenovo Yoga 8 inch Tablet has Dolby audio placed on board which makes good use of headphones. Fortunately, if you do not like the function you can easily disabled it from the options. The headset connector, which in a better than many results I've tried a speaker table experience - skip the Nexus out of the water. I doubt, "Audio Killer" is to have the list of people in functions of a tablet, but is certainly not a function to disable.

Lenovo is the only tablet using the bloatware. Everything we have received is Dolby application (for the sound management), Gallery app (Android 5.1 by default only has one photo application), McAfee (erasable), a music application (in addition to the great Google Play Music) application ShareIT Lenovo, Lenovo Sound Recorder and HD SyncIt. Very light compared to what they used to put on, but nothing stood out.

Two other changes Yoga has a rotating camera. Instead of choosing between a front camera and back camera, you have a camera in the pipe part which can be rotated. This is really a wise move. I'd rather have a good 8 MP camera on the back and a bad front.
Check the previous picture. Note that the stand hole? I think the latter more important than the first feature, but I have not enjoyed both times. Overall, the frame long objects is very useful for observing the media and writing via a Blue tooth keyboard.

Speaking of wireless protocols, note that Lenovo 8 inch tab have no NFC chip. This is still an underutilized technology. They have a Micro SD slot in Nice crutch. Also, keep in mind that due to the adoption of the OS on the tablet, you may not be able to drop in future updates of full operating system. Personally I like the Android 5.5.1 and think that it is appropriate for the coming years, so it's not something you need to lose sleep. However, if you are someone who likes your tablet mod, remember that Lenovo's usually not the best candidates for this purpose.

With these caveats, we still have more functionality than Price. Now Lenovo sells record of Lenovo Yoga 3 for only $169. This is a good price for a solid Android device in style.
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