Microsoft Office suit finally comes to iPad: Review

Microsoft Office suit finally comes to iPad,

Word, Excel and PowerPoint finally designed for use in the popular Apple tablet iPad. The result is worth the money?

Buy Microsoft Office for iPad for $10 per month. Word, Excel and PowerPoint finally designed for use in the popular Apple tablet iPad.
       Microsoft Office for iPad

Apple tablet category killer tab is on top in the market and for more than four years to Microsoft Security took its sweet time developing iPad versions of Microsoft office- specifically for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The good ting is that Office for iPad is concentrated on a tablet not only of the PC version. Microsoft came up with a simple touch optimized with buttons and tabs easy grip interface for iPad office.

For example, the Word toolbar for iPad has only five tabs (nine in the PC version of Word 2013). However, it has the writing and editing essential tools, including the ability to insert , tables, images and forms. Exchange of documents is easy too. Simply press the "Share" button in the upper right corner and add a file to an e-mail. Or by e-mail a link to your account where One-drive stores Microsoft Office for iPad files. (Office for iPad users should store files OneDrive can rankle what other users of cloud services, but can you start typing. For example, a letter in Word for iPad, rest and recover, exactly where you left on your PC or Mac). So, what's missing? Word for iPad has a less number of models, fonts, design tools and other features that are rarely used. And the software is only compatible with iPad 2 and newer versions of iPad models.

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Likewise Excel for iPad contains all features of Microsoft’s powerful spreadsheet. This shows the power of Microsoft computing. Like Word, the interface is less cluttered and said honestly, less confusion than the PC version. Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications work with a physical keyboard if you prefer. If you do not have a Keyboard? Digital display shows the numbers in Excel and mathematical symbols, so it is very useful for entering formulas and numbers. To implement touch controls intelligently and to select a cell concerned; Open a cell for data entry, double-click it. You can not add comments to a worksheet but you can read or delete existing connections.

PowerPoint to iPad has a smaller group of his brother version of desktop tools but the tools designed with intuitive touch. Basic tasks, such as turning an image or text in italics is easy. The application offers a wide selection of frame and slide transitions and beginners can create slideshows with ease. However, PowerPoint on iPad does not play audio or video clips.

You can download all three Office applications for the iPad on the Apple App Store for free, if you want to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad. To create and edit files but you need a subscription to Office 365, which starts at $7 per month or $70 per year for a copy of Office on a PC or Mac and a copy of Office for the iPad. For $10 per month or $100 per year, you can run Office on up to five Mac PC or five tablets.

Need Office for iPad? If you already have a subscription to Office 365, perhaps through work, the suite worth a free bonus and definitely the download. I like to be the convenience of a tablet, the high price worth it, even if you have to pay their pocket. Otherwise, the cheapest productivity suites do the job. Apple's iWork suite, including the sides, a very good treatment of text and numbers (spreadsheet), and Keynote (presentation) - free for any new iPad. If you have an iPad and want to use office for Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you can buy iPhone office for $10.
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