How to use PC laptop webcam as CCTV spy cam

How to convert a PC or laptop web camera to spy CCTV system for free

Catch thieves or pet monitor with PC and webcam

Build your own surveillance system with integrated Webcam and PC USB cam. We explain how to use a webcam as a system of CCTV recording and motion detection.

Build your own surveillance system with integrated Webcam and PC USB cam.

To monitor your property, or keep an eye on the animals left at home, all you need is a laptop or PC with a built-in camera or USB port webcam.

Then you need a software that can record a continuous stream webcam or more generally when motion is detected. There are good free apps and paid software that can spy for you.

When installing the software, you need to provide a list of webcams related services and can support multiple cameras. Then you can set up "zones", the rectangular areas, in the view of the web camera that can be used for motion detection.

You can use the crib, a flap or door, or your baby's Place or your car parking area. You want to avoid including moving objects such as trees swaying in the wind or traffic. Otherwise, you will end up with a surplus reviews of the video.

A good software is a playback console, the clips on a timeline, so you can quickly see the recorded clips when motion is detected. Depending on the software, it may send you an e-mail (with jpg) or text message when motion is detected, upload the video to YouTube or an FTP server, or even send a recorded message, such as telling your dog to stop barking (iSpy can be configured to run its course and to fulfill the movement).

Worth a try, a webcam for security or surveillance of the house before investing in an IP camera because it does not cost you if you have a webcam.

The disadvantages of using a webcam are that you have to leave your PC on all day, It could make a bill for expensive energy and possibly shortening the life of the PCs, especially when it is hot after running for a long time.

Another problem is that the PC is not in the vicinity of where you want to monitor and USB extension cable that you get very far.

Finally, if a webcam is placed against a window, reflections can get at different times of the day as the sun changes position. In addition, the vast majority of cameras will be useless at night unless there is a good street lighting or if it is to monitor the interior -so you need to keep a light on.

Use a webcam as CCTV IP Cameras

The advantage of using an IP camera instead of a webcam is that you do not run on a computer. IP stands for Internet Protocol and basically means that to connect to the router (usually via Wi -Fi) and can be placed anywhere in the range of Wi -Fi, where a power source is installed.

How to connect to the router, you can see the images in real time from any computer on your local network (or a smartphone or tablet if you are at work or in your browser if you have a specific application). As with webcams, you can install the software on a PC to capture images when movement is detected, but it is best to opt for a camera with a microSD card slot for recording sequences. You do not need to remove the card to see the video: It should be possible to do this via a web browser or a special Windows or software.

Features are observed: infrared night vision, which recorded a lower quality, but they are used in almost complete darkness. You can also enjoy that with all weather and is not damaged by rain when mounted outside. Finally, pan, tilt, and zoom allow (PTZ) that you set from a distance, where you can show and zoom the camera to see more details.

The cheapest IP cameras (about 60 €) can not have HD resolutions and also the extra cost worth it for better image quality, rather than going for a cheap PTZ camera with a poor quality of the image.
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