New Moto X Launched By Mobile Motorola With Bundles Of Features

Also on the microphone and 2000 + Adjustments: Motorola launches its 'Moto X'

Google owned Motorola for more than a year and a half. Today, with the new mobile Motorola Moto X. The Motorola introduced competing cell phone as the primary probably with Samsung Galaxy S IV, HTC One and Apple iPhone5. New Moto X as a phone is not just good on the hardware specifications and it is not their goal. The focus is on adaptation options and some unique features.
Google phone gallery contains a new phone with bundles of new features

Moto X Basic Specifications

Display: 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED display.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon processor S4P. CPU 1.7 GHz dual-core and quad-core GPU.

Battery: Full time 24 hours battery life.

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Storage: There are two versions 16GB and 32GB

Camera: 2 MP front camera and 10MP camera.

Connectivity: phone supports Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, WiFi, NFC.

Also with the microphone
Google call phone released a new best feature phone having low google phone rates

Although the material is not exactly the best of the best, it is likely that the aid does not eat too much of the battery. This is because the phone's microphone is always on. The ability to recognize the user's voice and do not let other order by phone.

This allows the phone all the time to listen. To activate the phone, you just have to say, "Okay Google Now," Now I have to use my Google Nexus 4 and voice control to answer an email, sentence alarms or google search very useful It forces me. . Dealing first with the microphone. With Moto X, the phone interface is really hands-free.

The phone is also navigate screens that allows users to scroll through the messages, but then extend the phone is in standby mode. This essentially means that people can see communication is before opening.

Motorola offers over 2,000 customization options

Motrolla Moto X will sell for $ 199 with AT & T. This is somehow subsidized with a contract phone so that the phone without a contract (such as those sold in India) will be much more expensive price. AT & T customers, the way your phone looks. Basically, the maker of mobile Motorola Moto website, which allows users from more than 18 different colors to choose for the background, different colors for the side and rings around the camera button also has mutliple options.

Where is Android 4.3?

Google buys Motorola, we can say Moto X is a Google phone. But apparently Google is less interested to appear as OEM Motorola favor. This means that the phone come with Android 4.2.2. Although not much bloatware on the phone from mobile Motorola should be able to Android 4.3 soon.

Although some may find it strange that Google can not send your own phone with the latest Android operating system, but this honor seems to be reserved for the Nexus phones.

The phone is currently sold only in the United States and must do so in other markets. Adaptation options, in all likelihood, a characteristic U.S. alone (and not by AT & T).
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