Gta vice city Release Date a video game, features and screenshots

GTA 5 Release Date UK: New GTA 5 online games and screenshots

Gta vice city 5 Release Date a video game, features and screenshots

The accumulation of Rockstar Games grand theft 5 launch is now in full swing. Because game developers have announced GTA 5 official release date, official trailer for GTA 5 and tons of screenshots were released, fans in the introduction of the main characters of the game. The latest version is a new gameplay video with pictures of gta game online.

Good pc games GTA 5 Release Date UK: New GTA 5 online games
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GTA 5 release date - 17 September 2013

Update: Rockstar Games has a video of the gameplay GTA 5 officially released. To see what new features in the latest version of Grand Theft Auto has a look at the official video game Grand Theft Auto V. See also PS4 release date and confirmed specifications.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 9 July 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 9 July 2013 of good pc games
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Rockstar also confirmed that in the gta vice city 5 release date, the game is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation third Although not yet confirmed whether the game will be on PC, Wii published, or even a reduction appears to be a game application. nVidia should be the PC version.

The appetite of bloodthirsty bandits turning happy, virtual, Rockstar has a series of screenshots and the official trailer satisfy published. Below is the trailer and some of the finest images.

GTA 5 release date

It seems that every developer has the same idea in these days, and without saying anything about the release date, that's the idea. Indeed. are a special group here at PC Advisor and we have a little research and discovered that there are one or two release date rumors viable now / Art

Published in January rumor

According to a report from market research firm Wedbush Securities, a GTA 5 should release date of October with a presentation of the game the number 15 in the Grand Theft Auto series in June to see site-T3 technology to go a step further and offer Wedbrush a release date of 23 October with a lecture on Thu, 4 June, a day before E3 Expo, 2012.

The report from Wedbush Securities, said: "We believe that October is the month of choice for development version of GTA V, Rockstar Games is because the study is planned, each new grand theft 5 version before this month (with gta 4 delayed to April 2008 as a result of errors in the PS3 version). "That's pretty reasonable, sound right?

On the market rumor 2

Almost GTA 5 were now available for pre-order at Amazon with 1 Published in December 2012 recognized. While there is nothing specific about these rumors current version, there are some things that can be derived from this rumor.

The first is that Amazon is a major seller of video games, it would be in the loop with Rockstar Games, and it almost certainly will line contact with Rockstar Games to Release dates for them, including publication list products are very likely to be a complete summary of Amazon have.

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Alternatively, an Amazon have been 5 people in the early stages of preparation of the purchase page before gta game and the date "December 2012, a full assessment - errors occur, but not a date issue before Christmas for one of the biggest game releases of the year! seem too far-fetched an idea, is not it?


Needless to say, Grand Theft Auto V will be a continuation of his 14 predecessors and will be based on fundamental values ​​such as vehicle theft and violence. Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 game is to keep the land in fictional Los Santos in the U.S. state of San Andreas.

IGN reports that the new Grand Theft Auto game will feature multiplayer crews as used in Max Payne third This feature is multiplayer play all songs play Max Payne 3 and GTA5, with a maximum of five members at the same time.

Rockstar Games are very discreet about gta vice city v and other functions.

GTA 5 map

Playstation home Rockstar Games are very discreet about gta vice city 5
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The story behind these cards of grand theft 5 is that the person Responsible lechfeld a former Rockstar employee who is working on the development of the game. The card looks pretty compelling designs in an early stage. But gaming forums on the web have locked in heated debates about the authenticity of the card. Some say they look great, while others detail long, why they are wrong. We take the easy way out and put firmly on the fence.
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