Cheapest windows rt tablet, Dell drops $299 for Windows RT tablets

Dell drops $299 for Windows RT tablets, the cheapest offer is now $479

Dell XPS 10 best windows rt tablet is bundled with a keyboard
Buyers who purchase a Windows RT Tablet from Dell website Friday morning would have tried a list of $299. At the end of the day the best tablet comes with keyboard for $479.
Dell has made several changes to the RT offers on their website. Friday night had all the options for a separate eliminated and now only sells a product called XPS 10, which is included with a keyboard.

Best windows rt tablet. Dell drops $299 for Windows RT tablet

Somehow breaks with a current trend. Dell has been reducing price of Windows Tablet RT since May after the company admitted that it sold poorly. When it was introduced in October last year, the XPS 10 is priced at $499 and dropped to 299 in May and it become cheapest windows rt tablet.

Dell is apparently trying to up-sell customers breathe some life into your XPS 10 companies by poor sales, said Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates,
The sale of the tablet with a bunch of Dell keyboard as a device for creating content rather than consuming proposes considered, perhaps because best windows rt tablet is designed to provide functionality "laptop-like" Kay said.

"It seems that the direction they are going in. It is a better idea if it is a package," he said.
On Friday, a tablet with 32 GB of storage space at a price of $ 299 when it was "not available" listed. IDG News Service asked to see about the product, if it's still for sale, and shortly after the announcement has disappeared from the site. 10 with 64 GB memory also disappeared later in the day, an independent XPS.

Dell did not respond to requests for comment on the changes.

The only models on the site Friday evening comes with the keyboard. $ 479 - and a little confused, packages with 32GB and 64GB tablets are listed for the same price. This is obvious since the 64GB unit comes with a steep discount offers.
There is also a 64GB LTE version on the website of the XPS 10, at a price of $ 579 with a keyboard.

In addition to the storage and connection to other properties of the tablets are the same. They all have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor 1.5 a 10.1-inch screen, the images with a resolution of 1366 x 768 GHz shows. RT is the Windows version of Microsoft Windows 8 for ARM processors like Snapdragon.

The keyboards are expensive as accessories and can be more profitable for Dell tablet itself, and Dell can use all the financial help it can get now, says Kay. On Thursday, it was reported that quarterly profit fell by 72 percent.

Secure tablets and keyboards could be as a whole, how do you clean your Dell XPS 10 tablets and accessories, he said, but it was not clear if that was the purpose of the Dell.
Price changes occur at a time when other providers distance themselves from Windows RT. Lenovo announced the sale of 11 yoga on their website, Asus RT tablets which he left after the failure of his VivoTab RT. Microsoft has the price of its tablet surface RT cut last month from $499 to $349.

Microsoft expects that the successor, Windows RT to give 8.1 known, said 17 October Dell it on best windows rt tablet is committed, and the operating system has a potential impact on customs reports Friday that Nokia will launch a tablet RT although analysts as "bizarre" idea.
RT Dell XPS probably will not let windows because it has a strong relationship with Microsoft, Kay said.
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