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Facebook integrated Posts: Good news for the owners of the Websites

Facebook has taken another step that follows in the footsteps of Twitter and Instagram. After recently implemented hashtags state organization for the discovery of a page outside Facebook has integrated its positions.

Facebook features content for blogs and sites for blogging to embed facebook posts

What does that mean exactly?

If you have a website or blog, you can now connect to Facebook messages, photos, videos and other content of website  and content from Facebook login on the website. In the past, there were ways to integrate Facebook messages on the spot, but they were messy and generally consists of using a third party tool.

With this major update makes Facebook monumental easy for a wide range of users to integrate messages because this functionality is built into Facebook - which eliminates the need for these third-party tools. Although this feature is ideal for bloggers and website owners, but also help drive traffic to Facebook too!.

Currently, only a handful of lawful people use Facebook integration are responsible. These include Mashable, People, Huffington Post, CNN and the Bleacher Report. But Facebook is planning to release the function for all soon. This feature can be very useful for companies who want to create a web presence, or if you want to simplify your internet marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

Once for all Facebook users is enabled, there is a category "Post Embed in the menu. This category is in the "Report/Mark as Spam" is being recorded at the moment. After clicking on "Post Embed" you can copy and paste a piece of code that are placed directly into your website.

The code to insert the message directly to your site chain, and is exactly as it appears on Facebook. If you want more explanation, CNN explains the function of the use of certain images.

Another advantage is that once the message is created, users can comment, like, and find the content you want hashtagged within the Facebook platform. This offers a number of benefits for companies in terms of increased participation and the effectiveness of their web sites.

Everything is connected. When you connect your social media and website, everything can be in one place. It can be easier to navigate for visitors to follow conversations and work with the content because they do not have to go back and forth between the two places. Your website will be modernized and efficient services to their users appear!

You're more likely to "hear" To If you have multiple content of website areas integrated, more people can see their conversations. For example, a blogger speaks mate ever seen created by their Facebook posts, but now can and can even begin to participate.

They develop to find a wide audience. Although it may be rare, there are people who do not worry about social networking accounts as in the past, users have only visited your website might never see your Facebook messages if they have an account. And users can "like" us on Facebook never visited your website or your current blog. The use and function changed significantly improves the user experience for any visitor.

Make sure it is public

The only downside to the new integration functionality - which should not affect most companies - is that the message you want to embed must be public.

For most companies, the site is probably already public, but if you have a mix of public and private positions - only "friends" can see messages - you might consider all public positions.
Then you can use what you post on Facebook on your website, which attract a larger group of users.

Exciting ways to use this Facebook feature

Integrate Facebook feature has the potential early, despite the passage of time, users will be able to more creative ways to find your Facebook and website link!

Once the paste function is extended to all, here are some ways you can use:

Put best content. If you can integrate your content, they are more likely to news-makers  journalists and bloggers come to you on the lookout for new content. This should lead to an incentive for all businesses, such as high-quality content, new advertising options!

Increase advertising for contests and promotions. If you frequently hold contests on Facebook to interact with the users, the integration of the support posts on your site can also help you get more visitors ! This may take part and because users still "like" and comment on the news when it is built, it is a good way to generate discussions and enthusiasm for the contest or promotion .

Comment spark quality. Since Facebook has recently launched its "hashtags", the new tool to integrate Facebook becomes the place for news and comments, mainly because it will be easier than ever for users to participate in discussions about the contributions introduced.
In general, Facebook integration feature to improve the connection between social networks and your website or blog . You can improve the user experience and simplified.

The function must also encourage you to start releasing better content of website and quality. Newsmakers probably publish more on Facebook, thanks to the function, with the hope that its contents will be integrated and to increase their influence.

This tactic can help the Facebook page of his company in the same way. You're not the only one who can integrate their messages on Facebook, try to encourage your visitors and customers to integrate their messages and photos on their own websites or blogs. The possibilities are endless, so keep your eyes open for the moment Facebook launches tool insertion for each and try it out!
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