What is android phone- Features of android phone

What is an Android phoneFeatures of android phone.

So you are here to know that what is android phone or you want to buy a new smartphone but don't know much about android.So here is the detail about android. What is an Android phone? An Android phone is a smartphone, the Android open source operating system from Google. Many manufacturers make Android phones including HTC, Motorola and Samsung. Dozens of Android phones are already available, and all major cell phone carriers offer Android phones in the United States.
know that what is android phone or you want to buy a new smartphone

Originally derived from the Linux desktop operating system, Android is a customizable platform that look and feel very different in many different cell phone models. This means that an Android phone HTC look and operate an Android phone manufactured by Samsung differently. It also means that HTC Android T-Mobile is not exactly like an HTC Android phone that runs be on the Sprint network.

However, not all Android phones share some common characteristics. All have touch screens. Some also have physical keyboards, but not all. All are equipped with a desk (some Android phones have three, others five, others 7) of a set of windows fitted, which can be customized to your liking there. You can fill screens with shortcuts to apps or widgets that headlines, search boxes or more displays.

All Android phones also offer access to Android Market, where you can download Android applications. To date, more than 150,000 applications in the Android Market.
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