SEO new update Google penguin 2.0 released- What is new

Penguin 2.0 was launched last week - Are you affected?

After several weeks of encouragement and waves of small changes to the lure of the Google algorithm, it seems that the Penguin is the end of the bag, as reported by Google webspam chief Matt Cutts in his blog on 22 May According to Cutts, are 2.3% of queries in English Americans affected by the update, the highest percentage since the original role Penguin 1.0 in April 2012. The update also affects searches in other languages, to varying degrees, according to some, the effects were greater in English German stuff. The purpose of the upgrade is to reward really useful sites and punish sites that have received the classification of black hat techniques.

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Original Penguin fight first update of Google targeting the off-page factors, especially targeting networks of links and linking strategies against nature. This update has reached more than 3% of all requests in English, radically alter the results of search engines and deleting reviews for some particularly bad offenders black hat SEO.

Penguin 2.0 uses new technological advances in the fight against spam, for the suppression of the activity "suspicious" unusual and punish sites that acquire a large number of links very quickly (usually in paid media) continue to get links from sites relevant and those who overuse exact match anchor text. This update also targeted ads with dofollow links (since the introduction of the nofollow tag, Google said that webmasters to distinguish paid links and prevent the transmission of classification confidence value and used), and improve the detection of illegal sites.

How do I know if I am affected?

In some cases, the anger Penguin 2.0 is immediately apparent - a sharp decline in traffic on the decline of the full results of the site. If you usually find a high volume of incoming traffic from Google and suddenly next to none, it is very likely beaten. For some webmasters shadow, there will not be a surprise - it's likely to have something to expect for some time. However, for some business owners in particular, it will be a rather unpleasant surprise. If you have practical link building to pay the dark past, or someone who has done without his knowledge, made, plans may be in rapid succession come back to bite now.

For others, the effects may not be so obvious. A few artificial links can be beaten again in the results of some sites or pages. Search queries can be like for one of your keywords. Their product sales could fall, which built many exact match anchor text. Explore the line of biological research and Google Analytics for differences before and after 22 Mai in particular.
If you build quality links that have been involved though - get a large number of orders from customers or obtain links to your editorial impressive graphics or blog posts, you can really see the other side these issues. Google does not make these changes to enterprises (as long as you play by their rules) screw - create, to reward great content, like what was created. Good job! If your competitors have been convicted and lost classification, it may already rising in the ranking of your website and thus have an increase in traffic.
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A boost to local unexpected results

In the panic surrounding Penguin 2.0, Trevin Shirey of CreamosTuWeb.Com.Mx SEO company seems to have been the first to have noticed unusual trend in the SERPs. After Shirey Google seems to be the integration of a large number of results is located in biological research.
In their example, as a search for "hockey" in Dallas, Texas, and a search for "marketing" in Miami, Florida, 5 local results on the first page, sometimes results s' even expect the classification, as seen Wikipedia .

In the example of hockey is particularly striking, with two Dallas Stars results on the Wikipedia page for Hockey. Wikipedia Dallas Stars' also features prominently in the results.

You have probably noticed that some of these big changes for keywords within their own offices. For me, in search of "chocolate", my favorite local coffee (which is true also sell chocolate), which displayed about Ghirardelli, an international quality chocolate in the results. CreamosTuWeb.Com.Mx to other examples of research to try to as "Ford", "coffee" and "Computer." You can see some of their favorite places of high local business directories and pages like Yelp and Yahoo sites.

This is certainly a great advantage for local businesses. How Shirey said, "could benefit from an upgrade as this will benefit the local and regional businesses because it increases their exposure to inquiries." However, he added that it is unclear how these changes are seen by Google users. He added: "The search engines really want this hyper-local to the extensive Google search results to show what they are doing?".

How does your company perform since the start of the new version of penguin? Share your experiences in the comments.
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