Intel announced Thunderbolt faster computer technology

Intel released Thunderbolt faster computer technology

The next generation of Intel Thunderbolt technology has twice the speed and backward compatibility, but thunder bolt is not immediately available.

Intel today announced its next-generation Thunderbolt technology, which works with the much faster speed and doubled than the previous entries.

What is thunderbolt

This technology, which thunderbolt intel announced at the conference of the National Association of Broadcasters can now support up to 20 Gbps bidirectional (v. 10). This extra speed means that the cable now supports both the transmission of 4K video and put it on the screen at the same time, reports Engadget.

Intel released Thunderbolt faster computer technology

Thunderbolt technology is the transmission input / output speeds get higher than what currently. With USB 3.0 (but not for long) are available, and the speed of propagation through multiple devices at once with the help of thunder bolt.

The port has been launched after a collaboration between Apple and Intel in spring 2011 and now available in all Apple Mac Pro to save the tower. It has already made ​​its way into a number of PC, initially on Lenovo and Acer machines.

Thunderbolt intel plans to the latest version of Thunderbolt hardware, build codenamed Falcon Ridge too important in its next generation of chipsets, and made ​​its way into products at the "end of this year" with a "ramp in 2014."

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