Review Sony Xperia Z Best Mature Android Smartphone

A mature Android Smartphone - The Sony Xperia Z Rating

Latest Android phone from Sony announced at CES 2013, and achieve a number of markets in February this year, is an impressive range of Sony continuity of Android smartphones. While it's not the Android device, dominate over all other Android devices, shows a steady increase since the first Android phones Sony last year. The Japanese company knows how to build all the elements of a solid smartphone. While it may lack the spark that is particularly able and reliable phone that I can recommend making.

Of course, the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 sneaks ahead in the specifications of Paris, but it is the only phone that does. Compared to other phones worldwide flagship smartphone, the Sony Z Xperia in the upper class with CPW Quad Core 1.5GHz, Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM. Maybe the only option is memory (16 GB) is a little weak, but for extra storage microSD card compatible.
A mature Android Smartphone - The Sony Xperia Z Rating

The diagonal of 5 inch screen is a joy. Developed by Sony, once again the "Bravia Engine 2 is a 1080p high-definition screen, a Retina display with 440 pixels per inch Apple pierces. A victim, so that the density can be viewing angle, the colors start in a relatively small angle fade, although no information is readable enough that. shake more for a person to face a train or run on the road, but with the HD screen is 5 inches, to share video at a specific time.

The battery is located under the phone number sealed, and while it has a high capacity (2400 mAh) Screen with 4G LTE radios put a lot of demand for food. Fortunately, Sony has worked in the software, so that the phone can be easy to get through the day. This mode is set to "Endurance", which essentially reduces a strict guardian of power. When the phone screen is off, background tasks will be blocked, limited data transfers, and the phone tries to create the lowest possible energy, assuming you are not really anything to do with the phone. Applications can be colored white-list to ignore stamina mode, if necessary.

Even if there is nothing for the Boilermakers geekerati does every moment with your smartphone, the user is a regular "stand-by" much more time on this phone. Android is power hungry in use, but most of the time, the Sony Z Xperia is sitting in a bag, motionless like a ninja. This is how you get through a day of work and an evening of entertainment on a single charge - more power with less energy in active use in low light conditions.

Sony has taken place in a minimalist design style of the third post-Sony Ericsson. It's nice to see that there is some language on an Android device Sony - are very angular, straight edges and the minimum possible in relation to external hardware.

This is facilitated by switching to Android programmable keys on the main keyboard of Android, which now appears on the screen instead of the key physical interface. It is a very slim volume control on the side, but the only real break the look is the power button - and Sony said that affects nearly wristwatch-like "as a trademark symbolic identification that will run through the line.

It also has the advantage that enough outward so that when you pick up immediately how the phone is oriented at hand. This is a very important physical evidence because the phone is literally occupy between two sheets of tempered glass, which leads the entire front and back of the phone, which leads me to believe that the back of the screen is clamped a second touchscreen or a touch screen, unless the same manner as the PS Vita. A part of me wonders if Sony can press a second screen on the back of the device, if you decide a telephone Gee Whiz?

Not that there's no gee whiz on this phone. If you have seen the ads, you know that it can be soaked in water, the 'proof' helmet, fell into a pint is, bent over, and it still works. Assuming that all the shutters are closed device. It is feared that the practice of opening a component (eg, on the micro-USB cable to charge), but I'll be honest, even with the mobile commentators have not had the courage to try consciously. I hope that Sony does, but I'm not willing to try, until you have an accident. But I'll make sure that the doors are closed as much as possible.
Looking at the software, but not Android "camp", which is very close to her. Sony UI is not too far from what you would see on a Nexus 4th Running Android 4.1.2, we can expect Sony to download a 4.2.x release an exhaust boss in the summer, but the phone was stable in my essay.

Main differentiating factor in the Sony software offers many of its own properties and brands, such as music players of the brand as "Walkman" and offer their two "unlimited" services on the platform. For a monthly fee, you can access the Music Unlimited service and listened to the catalog. This is a nice feature, but offers nothing more than other subscription services like Spotify, but the selection of music is comparable. Video Unlimited, you can rent moves at a cost that is usually about one-third of the purchase price, although I would like to see more HD content to go to the 1080p screen on the handset.
Xperia Z is generated by the dynamics of the Xperia S and Xperia T since late 2012. Sony puts some money behind the advertising and promotion of mobile (but far from levels that are pushing Samsung Galaxy line), and building on the success of the first devices. Xperia Z has a maturity that a company is confident in their product displays. But at the same time, it also feels like a phone that has a little away from the coast. It has some excellent features such as waterproofing, but also be included, and I think that's a good sign.

Sony has released a phone that is exactly what she wants to be white. Sony wants to be a player, you want to set, and it must be as a stable and decent manufacturer. The Sony Xperia S has shown that could build a good phone, the Xperia U found a house and a new confidence in the iterative design and advertising, and the Xperia Z is a mobile phone that everything you would expect offers, has style and gives confidence that will not be obsolete in six months.

This is good, because Sony is on models of the letters at the end of the alphabet.

Lose comparisons with the Galaxy S4 occur and the technical specifications of the Xperia Z. But do not think that it is not there, the Sony Z Xperia. They tried to establish itself as a player "second" in the room with the Samsung Android. Xperia Z are combined to do just that.

But if you go further and take Samsung and snatch the crown of criticism outside of the Galaxy S4 want, I think they need another iteration or two.

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