PC gaming news Best Gaming Laptop Gigabyte P2742 Review

PC gaming news: A week after the gaming laptop Gigabyte P2742. What is Gigabyte P2742?

A powerful gaming laptop that will not break the bank, which is a very attractive proposition when you consider that up to one or two years, was affordable and portable PC Games unthinkable. How Dell Alienware M18x - Until then, they were bought in a hugely expensive electricity or opted for a midrange laptops and put graphically undemanding titles to play on the web like Farmville is based. So a warm welcome to the P2742: A well-specified laptop Gigabyte Taiwan-based PC maker that promises 3 below the average share price for this type of equipment an end to the recent heavy titles like Crysis.

Powerful Gaming Laptop Gigabyte P2742 Review
PC gaming news

What's under the hood?

Gigabyte is the goal of beating the specifications / price sweet spot here by coupling an early GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM 3.4 and a full HD screen with a decent game graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M - all for about a piano. Another innovation of this award is a combination of a large rotation of the drive with the storage component side of a fast SSD (Solid State Device) for fast loading of the operating system. This allows the best gaming laptop to boot into Windows 8 for the cold in 15 seconds.
game graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M - all for about a piano. Another innovation of this award is a combination of a large rotation
PC gaming news

How to play?

First the good news: After downloading and copying Assassin 3 levels of free adventure game digital creed load fired reproduced scrolls smoothly to the world of games in HD quality. This team always plays the notoriously resource intensive, first-person shooter Metro 2033 - even with graphics settings dropped a few notches. Films work well with crisp 17.3in screen.

What does it look and feel?

Its black frame discrete jet is generally understood laptops hardcore games a nice change from rust garish architectural monstrosities.


Although this best gaming laptop may be a candidate for the platform cheapest set great city, laptop was also marked by several weaknesses, the limits of performance and quieter fan usually breaks into peals of distraction. And as impressive as speakers, the sound is metallic and weeds. It is also difficult, the fact that in 2013, it accelerates more and more devices have a Windows 8 PC standard touch-screen device, like most gaming laptops to ignore at this time no picture.


Price: from £ 929
Operating system: Windows 8
Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M
Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM
Storage: 8GB SSD or 128GB SSD combined with a hard disk of 750 GB or 1 TB
Display: 17.3in Full HD 1920x1080

Is it worth the money?

Of course not, you're only going to use it for a place to go trawling Facebook or YouTube to use. But remember that the actual game does not growl is cheap: You can easily jump two big games on a portable platform specialists such as Origin. So if you ignore the limits that P2742 is a good value for those who are willing to play the latest games on PC from your desktop. If it still feels like a lot - and you are ready to take a shot in the gambling business - £ 810 Dell Inspiron 17R best gaming laptop Special Edition is worth seeing. Available for pre-order on amazon.co.uk.
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