Offer Buy Dell Inspiron 15R Laptops with Core i5 $499

Offer $499 for Dell Inspiron 15R Laptops with Core i5

We are only on the PC refresh cycle. We are almost a year after the introduction of the latest Intel platform (manufacturers present their new models on the latest Intel chips models). This means that we at least several months prior to the availability of the updated Intel 2013, as we heard in the news lately decreased PC shipments dangerous.

Not all PC manufacturers rest on their laurels, but to wait for Intel to come to the rescue with faster chips. Dell had been a popular product with their laptop Dell Inspiron 15R, but a few months ago there was an updated model that brought down the size and price.
Offer Buy Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop with Core i5 $499
The significant change in the new 5521 model is its size, which is thinner than previous models inspiron 15r in an impressive 17%. This means full size of only 0.98 to 1.23 inches thick and 5.12 pounds of the 15.6-inch device. It is the size of the Ultrabook and impressive steps to a 15.6-inch notebook that keeps your DVD burner.

The key features of dell new laptops is the function as two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output, a card reader, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth. Do not lose the VGA port, which was found in the previous model 5520, but can be adapted to VGA HDMI, if desired.

A recent review of the Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU is the engine of this model. The Core i5-3337U is a low-voltage chip

A recent review of the inspiron 15r and Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU is the engine of this model. The Core i5-3337U is a low-voltage chip, introduced earlier this year and clocks between 1.8 GHz and 2.7 GHz dual-core was. Although this chip is a little lower than the standard i5, clocked, but also occurs in almost half of the energy consumption.

It is difficult, with a thinner, lighter machine that offer a long enough battery life and performance every day is to argue. Although this machine will not make the next CAD drawing or playing Battlefield 3 seems solid on the status of the machine, which is not much. Dell always includes on-site service in one year warranty.

What makes it really attractive is the price of $ 499.99, you get $ 89 instant savings and a stackable $ 100 coupon. That does not seem fair, a large all over the machine, but inspiron 15r is very soft on the budget.

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