Google Ebookstore Available In India Now

Google adds new feature reading books store in India via Google Play

Google ebookstore. It was a long time since Google has developed from the Android Market to Google Play. With the aim of creating a space for all kinds of content, including apps, music, books and magazines But in many countries the Reading shop for applications is nothing more than limited.
Google Play Books Available In India Now

So far, India is one of them. Fortunately, Google has added new content type in your business - Reading and buying Books is now possible  India via Google book store.
When you open Google in the browser or play in your Android application, you should see a section with books online applications. You will be prompted to download Reading Books app for Android, what you will do if you need the books or you want to read, just purchase that from Google book store easily and hassle free.

The collection of google ebookstore seems to be quite important, especially for a first version. There are a number of books you can get for free. So just visit the store and download top 10 books and try the experience of Google powerful service.

You can see the books before you buy, it is good to have. In addition to playing in Books Android app, you can even read books in the library from the same place. If you are on iOS, you can optimize the playbooks of the application for the iPad.

Flipkart it goes very well with his collection of e-books and Apple recently music on the iTunes Store in India. It will be interesting to see what the service people will go away with the purchase of content on google ebookstore.

Link: Google Play Books store
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