Get Free Tablet PC and Laptop In India For Students

Now Goa students can buy tablet PC only for Rs 25

Goa students can now have a Tablet PC or a laptop for Rs.25 only, means they can get free tablet PC, free Netbooks and free Laptops.

Generosity digital initiative is part of the Department of Education of the Government of Goa to the class V and VII students make familiar with computers "they prepare for life and curious about electronic systems" included studies as director Anil Powar.

"The General category students pay only Rs.25, while the SC and ST students to pay 10 rupees to enroll in the plan," he told reporters Tuesday Powar.

Now Goa students can buy tablet PC only for Rs 25

The official said that the state government has arrangements for the purchase of approximately 50,000 laptops and Free Tablet PC for distribution.

"All teams will have a special e-learning package. After a day in class, students can now their institutions in the country on the shelves", was Powar added that a provision of Rs.95 crores for the purchase of an computers has introduced in the last budget by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

All systems have installed security systems to ensure that the equipment installed is not used for pornography and other Web applications controversial, but the Department of Education also have an obligation to parents student computers before delivery.

"This is a certificate of non-objection to say that they are good for us to give them computer. Parents should be able to pierce two students connect the right places," he said.

The Goa government was to educate the state government for the first time in the country, free laptops for students and Free Tablet PC in more than a decade.

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