AOL Introduced A Better Approach To Email With ALTO

AOL launched Email service, a better approach for e-mail with the Alto

This year we saw two of the Top email clients getting restyled - Microsoft gave birth to Outlook with Metro-esque approach to mail, Yahoo Mail has a cleaner appearance along with the updates of mobile applications, soon after Marissa Mayer has turned into CEO.

AOL launched Email service, a better approach for e-mail with the Alto

In addition, AOL has introduced a new email client named Alto. Curiouslyis compatible with email accounts other than AOL Mail, that includes Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and more.
The highlight of the app is Stacks - a characteristic that rates your incoming email into meaningful groups. So your Twitter / Facebook notices emails are separate from daily offers emails of Amazon reviews / eBay. So this is a better app which can act as a email spam blocker and you can get rid of daily mega brands offers.

You can create customized stacks and even have incoming emails skip Inbox and going to the right in that stack - so you have a most clean inbox.

It also has a similar function to that Boomerang allows you to postpone an E-mail, so you can answer to it after a specified time period of time.

The interface is mess free and provides more of a desktop app like look, especially with features such as two-column layout for reading emails, support for tabbed browsing.

I am quite sure you do not going to grab lot of users of another Web-based Email Client, but nevertheless, still it is worth trying.

Alto it is still in beta, but you can register to the invitation.

Link: Alto Mail
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