Increase Macbook Speaker Volume In Youtube

Use most of the MacBook speakers during playback of YouTube videos

The speakers are probably the most annoying thing on Macbooks are too low in the sound, even if the maximum volume in mac air. This usually happens when playing YouTube videos in the browser, but fortunately there is a simple solution to this by macbook speakers crackling.

youtube macbook how to increase volume of speakers.

download mplayerx Use most of the MacBook speakers during playback of YouTube videos
download mplayerx

First, if you can afford to spend a few dollars, you can use the pen - an application to increase the volume of your MacBook drastically and the system works great, not just YouTube videos.
You can also solve this problem, macbook pro with no money, just follow the instructions below.

How MplayerX for Mac, it is a native video player for Mac OS X.
Install it and open it.

In the menu bar, click File> Open URL. Paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to play.
Now you can adjust the volume of the video (in the application) to a higher level than it actually offers to adapt Mac or in mac air.

Apparently VLC had this option for a long time, but appears after the recent update of this function, to be broken. So I gave it a try and was very pleased with results MplayerX very satisfied.

Link: download mplayerx

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