Microsoft Unveils Windows8 Price

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 PRICE

Widows OS is best operating system for home PC, Office computer system or even performs well in laptops and other tabs. The best Operating system from Microsoft is Windows XP for home desktops. But later Microsoft released certain version of OS which includes Windows VISTA and yet the stable and with good appearance version that is WINDOWS7.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be available later this month, on the 26th October. Microsoft revealed on his blog the price of the new updates to the Windows8 operating system. Microsoft has a new tile design based on Windows 8. Windows 8 will also be available with a surface tablets that could be potential competition for the iPad.

Microsoft Windows8 Details and price rate

Users can keep a DVD upgrade package for Windows 8 Pro for $ 69.99. Users can keep the DVD in some stores in the United States alone.

After 26th October Users can upgrade their OS to Windows  8 Pro for $ 39.99. It means if you have other versions of Windows like Win XP, Vista or Windows7, you can upgrade to Win8 with a small cost.

Full version for Windows 8 Professional (64 bit and 32 bit) OEM version will be available for $139.99.

Finally, for users in India, if you bought a PC or laptop with Windows7 after the 2nd June 2012, or buy a new one before 31 January 2013, the user can at a mere get cheap window8 at RS. 699.99 upgrade to win 8 price.

You can check the details of the upgrade to Windows 8 at the following Link Upgrade Windows OS. Select your location and see offers for an update. So that is a good news for those who want to upgrade their OS from XP or from Windows7 to Windows-8.

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