How To Send Free SMS Worldwide With Gmail

SEND FREE SMS directly from your Gmail, Google Mail chat

How to send free sms

Gmail has a new feature that allows users to free SMS worldwide any where directly from the Gmail chat window. When I logged into my account today, I saw a pop-up to alert me of the new unit feature that now Gmail has free sms india sending option now. So now we can send free sms without registration.

How to send Free SMS from Gmail works

SEND FREE SMS directly from your Gmail, Google Mail chat.  How to send free sms

Previously, you could send text messages to other users of our list of contacts. This feature allows users to to send SMS, almost anyone as long as you know their phone number.
If you see the above message, simply type a number into the chat window for free sms.
Then you need to add the number to your contact list. Make sure that you have the correct country code entered with with the number that you added in your contact list.
Enter the text message and send it. 1 point will be deducted from your SMS credit. Increased SMS credit back to 5, if the person answers back to you to your SMS. The maximum credit risk can earn 50th It is essentially a measure of protection against spammers. That means Gmail supports a two way free SMS service for its users. This is a great feature added by the Google for its users for free sms.

In India, I can see that networks IDEA Aircel, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom, Vodafone are well supported by this feature. But there may be some teething problems with Reliance network numbers because I could not send an SMS to a phone number of Reliance communication in absolute confidence.

You can view the complete list of compatible mobile operators  in the below link.

Gmail free SMS supported operators.

  What do you think about this Google new feature. Please share us with your comments.
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