Change Layout For Facebook Redesign Photo Albums

Facebook redesigns photo albums with a cleaner look and new features

  Facebook now change the images and change layout for facebook in it, and this time the change is good. They changed the subject images and music. Facebook now shows thumbnails of the photos much larger with a clean design. There are also some new features like photo equipped added size and direct comments, etc. Let us add a look at the new features.


A sleek design with four columns to see photos for facebook albums and three columns, much better than before. You can also recent labeling and / albums search with one click. Check the screenshots below: design your facebook

Change Layout For Facebook, facebook Redesign Photo Albums
Facebook new look for Timeline photos


Now you can roll your mouse over an album to view the slide show of photos from that album. It is certainly interesting and useful feature.

Select a photo:

The love of a particular image? Now you can easily an image with a single click. Highlight an image shows a larger thumbnail in the photos.

Easily add your location Change Layout For Facebook and details:
Now you do not have to open each image editing or add a location. You can do this without opening.

Mark and comment:

I liked different picture? Now you can like it or comment out the auto-open.
Facebook has also begun to show faces with facial recognition for tagging friends. Personally, I love these features, especially because it is confusing to use and easy with a clean interface. 

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