Google Released Disavow Links Search Engine Tool

Google launches “Disavow Links”  tool for webmasters

Breaking the champagne, my fellow internet! Google has finally made the decision to "reject links" anticipated use and tools for webmasters around the world could not be happier.
Matt Cutts, head of web spam team at Google, announced the opening in the middle of its commitment to openness Pubcon spoke 16th October. Then a few minutes later, he led the words gave Cutts, Google Webmaster Central Blog posted the announcement:

"A new tool, discard links

Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 13.43 clock

Webmaster Level: Intermediate
Today we use a tool that allows you to deny links to your website. If you are an action-based manual mails have indicated "Disavow links" to your website, this tool can help you solve the problem. If you did not receive the notice, this tool does not generally something you have to worry. "
Google says its engineers have beta test the new functionality after week, even though it. Rumors about new upcoming months The tool is now online, and you can by found in your Webmaster Tools account and access this page.

Use "disavow Links" tool

It's surprisingly light, this new tool directly from your control panel Webmaster Tools. Suppose you had a pretty persistent random links nude adult sites that on your website. I worked hard for a while to do everything to drive the Webmaster and get unpleasant backlinks out from  sites, but nothing out. Pushed this threats of lawsuits and reports Google has in deaf ears, and each of their e-mails unanswered.

This is exactly what this tool. If you have exhausted all options are still have a loss, you can. A simple text file list of a bad left Big G to withdraw All you have to do is go to "reject links" and start reporting.

Links only for one domain at a time refused to start so by the area you are working first on the menu when you click on the arrows to appear:
Google displays a dialog box that allows you to text file with the list of links, you want to get rid, which calls on store:
Google Released Disavow Links Disavow Links Search Engine Tool Google launches “Disavow Links”  tool for webmasters

That's it! Simple? As for the text file that you submit, Google has only a few rules for the format. Just list one URL per line. Here the example is given in the official blog:

As you can see, a sign of the prefaces comments you choose to place your order. Despite these explanations do nothing to the search rankings of power, which can be useful if you need to submit a request for review in the future. The best thing is that they are what they are in the files of your Webmaster Tools account.

Identify all areas of crime in their application, as shown above. Use the form domain: Note that Google refuse all links in this area, if your application is approved, so be very careful when listing domains. You can view a list of sub-areas in which. The links to your website, if you include the further development File size, which can not occur more than 2 MB, and you can update or edit the file. Just load. Submitted your changes and reload the file again to replace the old

Backlinks Management: Why does it have to be

It is a fact that Google uses 200 signals (and counting), when, as she realizes place your site in the SERPs. PageRank is the most important - the classification of the signal, because Google uses the metric system to determine how much you trust your website - or at least better known. The higher the rank, the higher the security.

PageRank is derived primarily supported by profile backlink to your page. If your site is in a PR 2 or 3 for more updates, even if I could put the recorded content and scope spam links be to blame. Think of your profile as your website backlink credit. Not obsessed with it well, but certainly from time to time for the general health of your website is important.
Therefore, this tool is so cool. You can jump in Webmaster Tools to analyze the list of backlinks to your website, can you determine which links are the shadows and they are legitimate.
Negative SEO.

Since the main penguin and panda updates negative SEO is becoming a serious problem for webmasters. Whole industries appeared night dedicated unknowingly spam links to site owners innocent then pay blackmail to remove them. SEO competitors spread too ambitious for removing stains from caps in the SERPs. The play began very dirty.
Therefore, this tool a long time ago. Now webmasters have full control over their profiles backlink. But beware - there is a greater responsibility attached to it. You should take it upon yourself to discover your backlinks from time to time to a crime before it becomes uncontrollable control, then you should take steps to stop quickly.

Warnings, skepticism

Matt Cutts has issued a series of warnings in your video that explains the new tool. First, he said that Google reserves the right to reject applications, reserves to refuse certain links. He pointed out that the presentations are just that - claims. Just fill in a form does not guarantee that you will receive disavowed poor connections.

Cutts also offered a warning - it can take weeks to see the results when you submit your application. It will take some time to crawl the bots index update, hold, etc. With this in mind and make sure you provide a sufficient time to take care before you wait. He also noted that people who are affected by the recent updates, a few weeks after you submit your link request to reject before you apply will have to wait for a review site. The extra time you will have enough time to update the index-links only rejected.

I read all the official literature reject the tool and I saw a new video link Cutts. I have. Beyond the time before this announcement with great interest for months It was interesting, all information (including video) is urging webmasters to see the "professional" used (his words) as a last resort. The warnings seemed rushed, hurried, almost scary ... Google nervously, as if it were an avalanche of requests, and the staff will be delighted. Their fears are justified: I'm sure it will happen, despite their pleas, as the intensity of negative SEO in recent months.
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