Apple Iphone 5 Will Release On 12 September

Apple confirms iPhone 5 launch on 12 September

Apple has begun sending out invitations for your event in San Francisco on 12 September. The event is rumored to be where Apple unveil the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini eventually.

We do not know much about mini iPad, which should be a little 7-inch tablet. But when you see the shadow in the invitation, the iPhone 5 confirmed.

It is not surprising that the new phone would be implemented, but some may wonder if Apple had simply called "new iPhone" inspired by "the new iPad."
Expected Features of iPhone 5

         The phone runs on the latest platform iOS6.

         iPhone 5 should have the same width of 4.08 inches. Phones, but should be higher than             their predecessors.

         It should be a number of improvements with a 12-megapixel camera.

         The phone works perfectly on a four @ 1Ghz.

         The phone should also recently earbuds Apple design.

What exactly is known about the iPhone 5, you can find out next week.

What do you expect from iPhone 5? Deposit in your views.
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